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Mitch McConnell Just Brilliantly Trapped Dems In A Lose-Lose Situation

Paul Ryan Comes Out Of Nowhere, Attacks Conservative Figures With Nasty Comments

Joe Biden Gets Hilarious New Nickname After Campaign Rocked With Scandals

Rosie Goes On Delusional Rant, Claims There Are Over 100,000 Concentration Camps In America

White House Announces Replacement For Sarah Sanders As Press Secretary

Home Depot Co-Founder Calls Bernie Sanders The 'Enemy Of Every Entrepreneur'

Border Patrol Chief Reveals Shocking Statistic Since the Trump-Mexico Deal

Bernie Sanders Says It Is Not Appropriate To Deport Illegals Who Break The Law

Nancy Pelosi Offers Her Own ‘Border Bill’; It’s A Spit In Trump’s Face

Trump Sticks It To Dems, BLOCKS Pelosi’s Plan To Go After Kellyanne Conway

NOT GOOD: Biden Reveals One Of The First Actions He Would Take As President

Trump Reveals If Pence Will Be Running Mate After Report He’s Considering A Top Republican Woman

Bernie's Healthcare Plan Would Cover 11 Million Illegal Immigrants, And YOU Would Foot The Bill

Maxine Waters Defends Iran Against Trump With Craziest Tweet Of The Year

Hillary Clinton Runs To Save 'The Children' At The Southern Border From Trump Admin

After Trump Delays ICE Raids, Pelosi Celebrates And Makes Another Outrageous Demand

Trey Gowdy Risks It All To Reveal The FBI’s Darkest Secret

Bill Maher Reveals Only Person Who Can Beat Trump In 2020

Bill Maher Panics About 2020; "Hard To Win If You're Focused On Reparations"

Ocasio-Cortez Spreads New Lie, Refuses To Apologize For Concentration Camps Comment

Adam Schiff Unveils Desperate Plan To Change Election Law Before 2020

9th US Circuit Court Delivers MASSIVE Blow To Planned Parenthood

President Trump Just Broke Another Economic Record, And The Media Is Looking The Other Way

Trump Breaks Silence After Calling Off Strike On Iran

Things Just Got Even Worse For Hoaxer Jussie Smollett

Actress Bette Midler Goes After Melania Trump With Disgusting Poem

House Dems To Vote On Measure Allowing Huge Number Of Refugees Into America

McConnell Just Crushed Ocasio-Cortez’s Hopes Of Getting A Big Pay Raise

MSNBC Slams Ocasio-Cortez For "Concentration Camps" Comment

Piers Morgan Explains How He Knows Trump Will Win in 2020

Trump: ‘Iran Made A Very Big Mistake... You’ll Soon Find Out' our Next Move

Pelosi Admits To Dems She Is ‘Afraid’ Of AG Bill Barr

Sarah Sanders Says She’s Thinking About Running; Has Trump’s Full Support

Jerry Nadler’s Plan To ‘Take Down’ Trump Backfires In Huge Way

Michael Moore Gives Dems Dire Warning For 2020 After Watching Trump Rally

Trump CATAPULTS Into 2020 Election; Raises More Cash In 24 Hours Than All Other Dem Candidates

Trump Hammers Hillary Clinton During Orlando Rally

Every Democrat Frontrunner Endorses Bill Forcing Women To Compete Against Transgender Male Athletes

"Time is Running Out," Schiff Threatens Mueller With Subpoena

CNN Cuts Off Programing After Trump Rally Crowd Chants “CNN Sucks”

State Dept. Comes Out Swinging; Finds 23 Violations In Relation To Hillary's Emails

McConnell Crushes Democrat Dreams Over Slavery Reparations

Trump Just Got Big News From Two CRUCIAL Battleground States

AOC Downplays Biden's Inappropriate Touching Of Women: It is Not About 'Right and Wrong'

Biden: We Should Start a 'Physical Revolution' to Deal With Republicans

Ocasio-Cortez Turns On Pelosi

Trump Reveals What He'll Be Doing During The 2020 Democratic Debates

Here Are The 5 Red States Biden Claims He'll Win In 2020

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