18 GOP Senators Demand FBI Probe of Top Biden Pentagon Pick

When Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, he promised to take on the Washington swamp, and by any fair measure, he did.

In fact, you could honestly say that’s why he was in so much hot water the entire four years he was in office: The swamp doesn’t like to be taken on and it certainly wasn’t happy that this upstart political outsider dared to think he could come to D.C. and be large and in charge.

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Joe Biden, however, is Trump’s polar opposite, and in many ways.

Biden’s an insider, having done virtually nothing in the private sector nearly his entire adult life, whereas Trump built several business empires.

Biden doesn’t appear to know where he is half the time and Trump is in full command of his faculties (which is another reason why the swamp hated him so much — he is smarter than most of them).

Trump tried to keep ‘Washington’ out of his administration (he wasn’t always successful but he tried); Biden, by comparison, is getting the band back together from his days as Barack Obama’s No. 2.

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To wit: Biden has nominated Colin Kahl to be the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy after Kahl served as Biden’s national security policy adviser while he was VP.

There are two things wrong with this insider pick. For one, as noted by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” and if Kahl was advising him for part of that time, then that says a lot about Gates being right since Biden picked Kahl.

For two, Kahl has been accused of the most heinous offense a national security aide could be accused of: Endangering national security.

In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, 18 Republican senators are pressing for an investigation into whether Kahl, shortly after he left Biden’s employ in 2017, released classified information via Twitter.

“These disclosures are extremely concerning and warrant a complete FBI investigation to determine the full scope of the nominee’s mishandling of sensitive national security information, apparently for his own perceived political gain,” said Sen. Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, who is leading the effort alongside Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton.

In their letter to Wray, the senators note Kahl’s written responses last month when he said a March 2017 Washington Post story was the source of some Twitter posts where he talked about what allegedly were classified details of a National Security Council committee meeting regarding a U.S. operation in war-torn Yemen.

They also noted that Kahl’s tweets later the same year appeared to confirm leaked classified information related to U.S. military options in North Korea..

“Kahl’s growing record of apparent mishandling of classified information and controlled unclassified information and his evasive response regarding this issue falls short of the standard required for holding one of our nation’s top national security positions,” the GOP senators wrote in their letter.

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“By apparently soliciting or otherwise receiving classified information and controlled unclassified information from U.S. government officials serving in national security roles and repeatedly posting such information on social media websites, Kahl demonstrated disregard for security protocols that are designed to protect our national security interests,” the senators added.

Will any of this matter to Wray? Not if it doesn’t matter to Joe Biden or his handlers — and it won’t. So hopefully it’ll make a difference to enough Democrats who join with Republicans to keep this national security risk far away from our national security.