‘The Border is OPEN’: Biden’s Spanish-Speaking Border Adviser Let’s Cat Out of the Bag

President Biden’s border adviser made a major gaffe today at her press conference and accidentally told the truth.

Roberta Jacobson, a former diplomat, was selected as President Biden’s National Security Council coordinator for the Southern border in January. On Wednesday, she took questions from the press in both Spanish and English.

Amateurs, don’t try this at home. Because you might make an error like Roberta Jacobson did.

“So I believe that it’s very important to highlight that THE BORDER IS NOT CLOSED…” Jacobon said.

“No esta cerrada,” is what she uttered in Spanish. This means the border is “open.”

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This was a refreshing moment of honesty for a country whose border is being overrun by migrants. At today’s joint announcement on U.S. vaccine development, Biden ignored a question on the border crisis before walking away.

Jacobson corrected herself minutes later after realizing she made a boo-boo.

“The border is closed,” she said, remembering the talking points.

In related news, Jen Psaki revealed what the Biden administration plans to do with all those “kids in cages,” which are now being held at record-levels.

Biden and a separate delegation that had traveled to the southern border on Saturday “spent the majority of their time discussing what steps can be taken to expedite processes,” Psaki said. “To move more quickly — to move the process more quickly — to meet the administration’s goal of getting these children placed with vetted and confirmed families. Moving them quickly, as related to your question earlier, out of border patrol facilities and into these shelters and ultimately, into these homes.”

Essentially, this means the Biden administration will all unaccompanied minors for ‘processing’ to be placed with families in the United States. It is not intending to return children to their countries of origin.

The border truly is “open.”

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