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SHOCK: Nearly Half of Democrats Don't Think Biden Will Finish First Term

Trump says NO to 'Phase 2' Trade Deal with China, Thanks to Coronavirus

NYPD Takes Hands-Off Approach as 11-Year-Old Gets Beatdown, As Cops Say They're 'Afraid' To Do Their Jobs

Trending Politics LIVE with Clayton Keirns - Episode #18: Joe Biden Will Regret His Latest Tweet

CAREER ON THE LINE: Ilhan Omar To Compete In Brutal Primary Battle

Trump: If I Don't Win In 2020, “You’re Going to Have to Learn to Speak Chinese"

Trump Hopes The NFL Doesn't Return If They're Going To Keep Disrespecting The Flag

Tucker Carlson & Greg Gutfeld Go Nuclear On CNN For Claiming No Left-Wing Networks Target Trump

Seattle Police Chief Abruptly Resigns After City Votes to Defund the Police

LISTEN: Trump Picks Michael Jordan As The Greatest Basketball Player Ever; 'He Wasn't Political So People Liked Him Better'

Leftist Media Has Pushed Joe Biden As 'Centrist', Then This Video Was Released And Debunked Everything

BREAKING: Brace Yourselves, The Lineup Of DNC Speakers Have Been Announced

Rep. Biggs Says He Thinks It's Time For Drs. Fauci And Birx To 'Exit Left Stage'

AOC Goes To Bat For Ilhan Omar As Voters Go To The Polls In Huge Dem Primary

AG Barr: The Media Is Lying To Americans About 'Peaceful' Protests

Crazed Lawmaker Wants People Not Wearing a Face Mask to Be Charged With Murder or Attempted Murder

Liberal Heads Are About Explode, Officials Looking Into Adding Trump To Mt. Rushmore

Schumer Caves, Admits Trump Is Right That Schools Should Re-Open In The Fall

BREAKING: Shots Fired At White House Causes Trump To Briefly Exit Press Conference

CNN: There Is No Media Outlet Out There That Tears Down Trump Like They Do Biden

Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci Toasted During Fiery Interview with President Trump Watching

Leftist Public School Teachers Panic As Fears That Parents Will Listen In On Lessons

BOOM: Black, Hispanic Liberals in NYC Blast White-Led 'Defund Police' Movement

Rush Limbaugh: Fox News' Ratings PROVE the Left Doesn't Dominate America

TRENDING Politics LIVE - Episode #17: CNN Says Media Is Biased Against Biden, NOT TRUMP!

WATCH: Crowd Erupts After Christian Pastor Calls Church Service ‘Peaceful Protest’

The Trump Formula for Victory: Guns, Black Voters and the NFL

"Peaceful" Antifa Storm Portland Residential Community, Threaten to Murder Residents

Chicago Stormed By Hundreds Of Looters, Cause Serious Damage to City's Shopping District

CNN's Stelter Suggests That Biden Is Mentally Fit Because He Can Ride a Bicycle

Mass Hysteria Could Lead To College Football Season Being Canceled

McCarthy Issues Major Warning About How Big Tech Could Be Tilting The Election

AG Barr On ANTIFA: ‘Essentially Bolsheviks’ Waging "Urban Guerrilla Warfare'

Pelosi, Schumer Pen Letter Begging GOP To Negotiate After Trump Signs Executive Orders

Graham Says FBI Lied To Senate Intel Committee, He Wants To Prosecute

Trump Sets The Internet On Fire After CNN Suggests He Wants To Be Added To Mt. Rushmore

Here's How We Can Work Together To Re-Elect President Trump In 2020 [Scott Presler Interview Recap]

Arizona Public School District Won't Reopen but Will Charge Parents 'Daycare Fee' to Send Kids to the Same Classrooms

WOW: Trump's Support Among Black, Non-White Likely Voters Should Make Dems Cringe

BOOM: Newly Declassified Doc 'Clearly' Shows FBI Lied to Congress about Steele Dossier

Ilhan Omar’s Primary Opponent Says Her Campaign Is ‘Falling Apart’

Pelosi and Schumer Have Total Meltdown After Trump Signs Executive Order

"Peaceful Protesters": Left-Wing Radicals Assault Police, Burn Portland Police Building

"For Children": President Trump Trolls AOC Over Her Green New Deal

WATCH: Antifa Clowns Get The Hell Beat Out of Them After They Allegedly Target a Veteran in a Wheelchair

Self-Proclaimed "Master Legislator" Pelosi Blasts Trump Executive Orders As 'Unconstitutional Slop'

Team Biden Denies Report That Running Mate Pick Has Been Made

Trump Signs Four Executive Orders After Dems Refuse To Act On Coronavirus Relief


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