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Jim Jordan Destroys Schiff's Credibility in One Minute

ABC Host In Hot Water After Camera Catches Him Making ‘Kill’ Gesture While Trump Lawyer Speaks

REPORT: Obama Will Speak Out Publicly If This 1 Dem Secures Nomination

LIMBAUGH: The Democrats' Disgraceful Hail Mary

Trump Sets The Internet On Fire With Meme Of The CENTURY

Republican Shuts Down Media Event, Holds Up Sign Exposing Schiff/Nadler Hypocrisy

Elizabeth Warren Vows To Create New Anti-Trump Task Force If Elected

Angry Dad Confronts Warren Face-To-Face On Her Student Loan Plan; ‘We Get Screwed’

Ingraham Reveals Emails Connecting Dots Between Obama, Bidens, And Whistleblower

Ratings For Opening Day Of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Bomb

Sanders Campaign Calls Police After Reporter Asks About His Staff Talking About Killing People

BREAKING: DOJ Says Comey Did NOT Have Probable Cause to Start Trump Investigation

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani Breaks Silence, Says His Dirt on the Biden's is Here

Biden Loses it, Gets Physical With Reporter After Asked About Sanders Feud

Rand Paul Gives Update On Whether or Not the Senate is Ready to Dismiss Impeachment Articles

Biden Admits that Impeaching Trump Will Make Him Hard to Beat in 2020

Schiff Says Trump Needs to be Impeached Because Russia Will Attack the US Mainland

BREAKING: Epstein's Mistress' Emails Hacked, Damaging Info on Elites Could Be Released

State AGs Write Scathing Letter, Urge Senate To Reject ‘Dangerous’ Impeachment Precedent

Trump Legal Team Drops Bomb On Nadler During Impeachment Trial

‘That’s Enough’: ICE Cranks Up The Heat On Lawless Sanctuary Cities

Hunter Biden Ordered To Appear In Court After Latest Stunt Backfires

Schiff Slips Up, Admits During Impeachment About Stopping Trump Re-Election

Clinton Advisor Turns On Dems, Demands Senate Stop Wasting Time And ‘End’ Impeachment

Schiff Admits Real Motivation Behind Impeachment; 'This Cannot Be Decided At The Ballot Box"

CNN Analyst Admits To Completely Fabricating 'Overheard' Conversation Between GOP Senators

Schiff Makes up ANOTHER Fake Trump Quote in Opening Statement

Poll Of 15 Battleground States Confirms Democrats Worst Fears

Lindsey Graham Goes Scorched Earth In Defense Of Trump

Rand Paul Thanks Adam Schiff, Says He Is Unifying Republicans

Trump Jokes About Attending Senate Trial, Sitting Front Row, And Staring At Dems ‘Corrupt Faces’

Trump Has Hilarious Response To Hillary Clinton’s Criticism Of Bernie

WHOOPS: Biden Campaign Video Quotes Activist Who Said Hunter Biden "Did a Very Bad Thing"

Illinois Blames ‘Computer Error’ After 545 Illegal Aliens Registered To Vote

Trump Tells Greta Thunberg To 'Focus On Other Countries' After She Tells Leaders to "Panic" About Climate Change

REPORT: Alleged Whistleblower Discussed Plan to Take Out Trump in 2017

BREAKING: Tulsi Gabbard Files Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton


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