Political News

BREAKING: The Democrat Nevada Caucus Has Been Called

Clint Eastwood Makes His 2020 Presidential Pick And It's A Shocker

Roger Stone Punches Back, Files Motion to Disqualify Judge

Bernie Responds After Report Shows He Is Getting Help From Russia

Maxine Watters Claims The Crips And The Bloods Are Better People Than Trump

BLOOMBERG CAVES, Agrees To Release Former Employees From Nondisclosure Agreements

Bernie Called Out After Vandals Strike Bloomberg Campaign Office

Beaten Romney Now Admits That Trump Will Be Reelected

Trump Salutes Legendary 'Miracle On Ice' Olympic Hockey Heroes

Trey Gowdy Suggests That 'Comrade Sanders' Is Russia's Preferred Candidate

Biden-Linked Burisma Consultant Approached State Dept Over “Troubling Events” In Ukraine

BREAKING: U.S. Officials Say Russia Is Trying To Help Bernie's 2020 Campaign

Trump's 2020 War Chest Puts Democrats To Shame; Here Are The Numbers…

Warren Says Green New Deal Doesn't Go Far Enough, Proposes "Blue New Deal"

LIMBAUGH: The Democrats' Predicament

Was the Debate Beat Down Fatal for Mayor Mike?

Bernie Sanders: Trump Would "Chew" Bloomberg Up and "Spit Him Out"

Hillary Clinton: Trump Is Putin's Puppet

BREAKING: Catherine Herridge Says Trump's New Hire Was Ordered To “CLEAN HOUSE”

Tim Scott: Black Support for Trump Will Jump 50% in 2020

Warren Says Bloomberg is "Disqualified From Being President"

Trump Hammers "Little Wise Guy" Brad Pitt During Campaign Rally

New Wisconsin Poll Shows Trump Trouncing Every Single Remaining Democrat

Steve Scalise Breaks The Internet When Top Dem Asks For Example Of Bernie Supporters Being Bad

Oh Boy: Ilhan Omar Responds To Report That She Married Her Brother

Deplorables 2.0: Obama's CIA Director Says Trump Plays To A ‘Very Debased Group Of People’

NEVER ENDS: Schiff Tweets Subtle Impeachment Threat, Warns Trump Not To Pardon Roger Stone

Buttigieg’s Brother-In-Law Goes Public, Says Everyting Pete Is Pushing Is 'Anti-God'

Top Democrats Pre-Blame Russia For 2020 Election Losses

Bernie Sanders Claims That His Radical Far-Left Base is Actually Russian Bots

President Trump Responds After Dems Have Terrible Debate Night

Trump Hints At Pardon With Tweet On Roger Stone

Bernie Sanders Loses It After Bloomberg Shreds Him for Owning 3 Houses

Bloomberg Declares Trump the Winner of the Dem Debate, Trump Responds

James Woods Perfectly Sums up the Democratic Debate

BREAKING: Roger Stone Sentenced to 40 Months in Prison

Voter Data From Trump's Arizona Rally Should Scare The Hell Out Of Democrats

Chris Matthews Ratchets Up Attacks On Bernie, Accuses Him Of Buying Votes

Dem Senator Forced To Admit That He Secretly Met With Top Iranian Official


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