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Paul Ryan Comes Out Of Nowhere, Attacks Conservative Figures With Nasty Comments

Rosie Goes On Delusional Rant, Claims There Are Over 100,000 Concentration Camps In America

Home Depot Co-Founder Calls Bernie Sanders The 'Enemy Of Every Entrepreneur'

Bernie Sanders Says It Is Not Appropriate To Deport Illegals Who Break The Law

Trump Sticks It To Dems, BLOCKS Pelosi’s Plan To Go After Kellyanne Conway

Trump Reveals If Pence Will Be Running Mate After Report He’s Considering A Top Republican Woman

Maxine Waters Defends Iran Against Trump With Craziest Tweet Of The Year

After Trump Delays ICE Raids, Pelosi Celebrates And Makes Another Outrageous Demand

Bill Maher Reveals Only Person Who Can Beat Trump In 2020

Ocasio-Cortez Spreads New Lie, Refuses To Apologize For Concentration Camps Comment


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