Political News

Warren Refuses to Answer Questions After She Accuses Sanders of Sexism

President Trump Shares Video Calling Out Democrats for Their Hypocrisy on Impeachment

NYT Announces Their Presidential Endorsements, Immediately Backfires

Biden Shreds Sanders for "Doctored" Video, Sanders Campaign Fires Back

Virginia Gov Calls 'State of Emergency' Over Gun Rally, But Even CNN Is Debunking His Excuse

McConnell Makes Plan to End Impeachment if it Becomes a “Circus” Controlled by Adam Schiff

Bernie Considering Warren For 2 Top Cabinet Positions If He Becomes President

Schiff Lets It Slip: If GOP Calls These Witnesses, Impeachment WIll Implode

Trey Gowdy Reveals Why Ukraine Transcript Is 'Best Piece Of Evidence' Trump Has

Maxine Waters Slips Up, Dishes On Dems Real Plan For Trump

Alan Dershowitz Has Secret Trial Weapon That Will Help Trump 'Big Time'

Puerto Rico Fires Top Official After Warehouse Full Of Hurricane Supplies Discovered

Trey Gowdy Predicts How Long the Senate Impeachment Trial Will Last

"Somber" Pelosi Giggles While Taunting Trump Over Impeachment

Conspiracy Theorist Jerrold Nadler Accuses GOP Senators Of Cover-Up

Trump Legal Team Blasts 'Brazen And Unlawful' Impeachment In Blistering Rebuke Of Dems

Liz Warren Falsely Claims That She's The Only 2020 Dem With Executive Branch Experience

This Year's Anti-Trump 'Women's March' Could Be A Bad Omen For Democrats

Trump and Iranian Supreme Leader Get in Twitter Battle

Spiteful Pelosi Goes On Bill Maher Show, Gloats That Trump Is 'Impeached Forever'

National Champion LSU's Star QB Joe Burrow Praises Trump, ‘He Showed So Much Love’

Mitt Romney's Approval Ratings Plunge After Siding With Dems On Impeachment

Trump's USDA Makes Big Changes To Michelle Obama's Lunch Program - On Her Birthday!

President Trump accuses Nancy Pelosi of Rigging the 2020 Election Against Bernie Sanders

President Trump Sends Stern Message to "Mini Mike" Bloomberg

Rand Paul: "The Biden's Are As Corrupt As the Day is Long"

Lindsey Graham Shreds Pelosi and Schumer, Gives Prediction for 2020 Election

BREAKING: New Lawyers Join President Trump's Legal Team

Bernie Complains Impeachment Trial Is Hurting His Campaign - BEFORE It Has Even Begun

REPORT: Obama Knew About Soleimani's Danger But Did Nothing For Years

Trump’s Approval Takes Big Turn Day After Pelosi Signs Impeachment Articles

REPORT: FBI Investigating Ilhan Omar’s ‘Sham Marriage’ — And Now ICE Is Involved

Pelosi Caused Eyes To Roll When She Announced This Impeachment Slogan

Sessions Tells Moderate Republicans To ‘Toughen Up’ And Vote To Immediately Acquit Trump

BREAKING: Comey Now Center of Investigation for Illegal Leaks

Rand Paul Trolls Schiff As Senate Trial Heats Up

Mitch McConnell Trolls Pelosi After She Makes Impeachment Pens

Trump Reveals What He’ll Be Doing During Impeachment Trial


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