“A Metaphor for His Entire Tenure”: Fox News Makes Some Great Points about Biden’s Bike Disaster

It’s not just trolls on Twitter that are making fun of Biden for his recent cycling-induced tumble, a tumble that occurred when he was trying to roll to a stop, though many of the jokes they have made have been hilarious.

No, now Fox News contributors are joining in too, making some excellent points about Biden’s fall from grace as seen when he fell from the bike during his trip to Rehoboth Beach.

One such contributor was Lara Trump, who pointed out how bad it is for America’s enemies to be seeing such obvious weakness and physical inability from America’s president, saying:

“Work here as well I will say actually ride a bike quite often I do triathlons where actually I am locked into my bike, so I understand that if you are clipped into a bike sometimes it can be a little hairy whenever you stop, [but] he wasn’t clipped and he had tennis shoes on.

“So look, again, I just think that this is a really sad representation for America because imagine Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong UN watching the video of Joe Biden falling on a spike wow what a bad moment for America.”

Indeed. Putin releases videos of himself lifting weights and pictures of himself hunting while shirtless…meanwhile Biden is falling off of a bike and eating ice cream cones. Not exactly the most favorable optics for America or her president.

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And Lara Trump wasn’t the only one to sound off on the weakness presented by Biden and the bike incident. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee did as well, saying:

There’s an old rule and politics when you’re in public service and office, where sometimes you’re doing something great but it looks like you’re not doing anything. And then there are other times when you really aren’t doing anything but it looks like you’re doing something great.

Joe Biden has managed to do nothing and to make it look like he is doing nothing. I’m glad that he didn’t get hurt falling off the bike, but that really was a metaphor for his entire administration and tenure. He just can’t keep the bicycle on the road and he crashes it and it’s a good thing that he is not hurt but the American people are hurting. And hat’s what we’ve seen day after day and his policies, they are failing the worst thing is it is obvious that there are failing.

Indeed, though sometimes it looks far more like Biden is doing something, only what he is doing is deleterious and intentionally so rather than just a failed attempt at doing a good thing.

All presidents make mistakes, and falling off a bike is hardly the worst thing that Biden could have done. But, as far as metaphors go, it’s a pretty good one. The only thing that could have been even more on the nose is is Biden had caused a train wreck.

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