Abrams Hates Georgia, Still Owns Two Houses There

Stacey Abrams is the gift that keeps on giving. No, not “jelly of the month club” style giving; instead, she is a bubbling, effervescent wellspring of hypocrisy, doublespeak, and ridiculousness that makes jobs like mine so much easier.

This is a woman who lost the Georgia governor’s race, then refused to concede because she thought she was cheated.

The same thing that President Trump did after the 2020 debacle. However, Abrams didn’t have Dinesen D’Souza and the film 2000 Mules to back up her scurrilous claims.

Trump didn’t at that point either, but he was clearly onto something. Abrams isn’t. She is simply a sore loser.

So now, the latest nugget from Abrams just further underscores how she isn’t the best person to run the state of Georgia.

Outkick reports:

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Stacey Abrams has two homes in Georgia, where she is running for governor. And yet, she hates the state. She’s a victim of living there.


Fox News elaborates:

I’m running for governor because I know that we have to have a conversation about who we are in this state and what we want for each other and from each other,” Abrams said during a speech at the Gwinnett Democrats’ Bluetopia Gala in Norcross, according to audio posted by the Gwinnett Daily Post.

“I am tired of hearing about how we’re the best state in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live,” she said.

Wow, it must be awful in Georgia to want to own two houses. Perhaps we should crowdfund to help Stacey afford a third house in Georgia so that she can prove how much she REALLY hates it there!

These are disgusting comments from someone that wants to run the state. Imagine for a moment if a candidate for president openly criticized America as the worst place to live. I mean, that’s what Democrats think, but at least they don’t openly say it!

Fox said:

Abrams acknowledged such a statement would be “politicized” and further explained that her state has lots of room for improvement on issues like mental health and incarceration.

Politicized? You think, Stacey? It’s a political statement. A stupid one at that.

Outkick hilariously continues:

Say what you will about Georgia, but the worst state in the country? That title, objectively, goes to California. Just ask the many former California residents.

I’ve been to California, and I prefer Georgia, but I’m a red-leaning conservative, so maybe I’m biased.

Further, Fox News posted this bit of pertinent info:

Abrams, who is worth over $3 million and, as of last year, owned at least two houses in Georgia, later doubled down on her “worst state” comment on Twitter, writing that her Republican rival, Gov. Brian Kemp, “doesn’t care” about Georgians.

Pretty clear that the state of Georgia has been awful good to someone who has failed as a politician repeatedly.

I’m sure at this point, the fine state of Georgia will send her a strong message this November and send her packing into one of her two homes in defeat.

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