Adam Schiff, Democrats Have All Out Meltdowns Over Michael Flynn Pardon

On Wednesday, radical-left representative and proven conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff had an all out meltdown after President Donald Trump pardoned former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (U.S. Army Ret.).

The comments from Schiff came in a tweet where he continued pushing the now-debunked Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

“Donald Trump has repeatedly abused the pardon power to reward friends and protect those who covered up for him,” Schiff tweeted. “This time he pardons Michael Flynn, who lied to hide his dealings with the Russians. It’s no surprise that Trump would go out as he came in — Crooked to the end.”

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Radical representative Ted Lieu also had a meltdown on Twitter.

“Michael Flynn committed a felony,” he tweeted. “But since he is a friend of @realDonaldTrump, he gets special treatment no ordinary person gets, like a pardon. This is the kind of behavior that caused voters to fire @POTUS, because Trump repeatedly put himself & his elite friends over America.”

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) also issued a tweet, completely ignoring the fact that Michael Flynn was setup by the FBI: “Pardoning Mike Flynn, who lied to the FBI and plead guilty, is an act of extreme corruption. That we expect such underhanded behavior from Donald Trump, the most corrupt president in our history, makes it no less wrong. Donald Trump is crooked.”

On Wednesday, President Trump granted a full pardon to Flynn. Obama and his team of FBI thugs tried to ruin Flynn’s life, but President Trump has issued the final word.

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Moments after pardoning Flynn, Trump posted this heartfelt tweet.

Look below:

“It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon. Congratulations to General Flynn and his wonderful family, I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!,” the President tweeted.

Just an hour before being pardoned, General Flynn tweeted this out:

the Bible verse Jeremiah 1:19 reads:

They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.

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