“Afghani Refugees Should be Welcomed… In Muslim Nations” Says Spanish Right-Wing Leader

Spanish right-wing populist party Vox, calls into question the demands for welcoming Afghan refugees into Western countries that are being made by leaders of different European political groups, such as “Ciudadanos” (Citizens) and “Más Madrid”. The advance of the Taliban in Afghanistan, which has unleashed chaos and fear throughout the country, with the Kabul airport as the most striking example, has provoked the reaction of a large part of the Spanish political class. And also, many tensions between them.

“Muslim countries should welcome the exiles, not Spain,” they say from Vox. Abascal, the leader of Vox tweeted “Afghans fleeing Taliban terror must be welcomed in neighboring Muslim countries, Although, the consensus of progressive politicians will now claim that it is the Europeans who should suffer the consequences of their mistakes and their betrayals.”

In a message via Twitter, the deputy of Más Madrid, Íñigo Errejón, wondered this Monday how many refugees Spain is going to host and when “this Government” was planning to announce it. He accompanied his text with the image of a stampede towards the international airport. The first vice president of Political Action Vox, Jorge Buxadé, did not take long to respond:

“Ask the unemployed Spaniards; those who cannot pay the electricity bill, those who go out of business every day to pay taxes. Go on valiant man,” he said. Another message from Citizens MEP Luis Garicano calling on Western countries “to open their doors” to Afghan citizens elicited the response from Buxadé and other members of Vox. “Soros’s spokesman in Spain,” he launched.

Hermann Tertsch, MEP, also asked him the following series of questions: “How many million Afghans do you want to bring to Spain so that Soros is happy? Are you going to forcibly vaccinate them there before? Do you think that those who want to flee from the Taliban are liberals? and pro LGTB? Won’t they be more comfortable in another Islamic country?”

Vox’s Santiago Abascal also paid tribute to the Spanish soldiers and police officers who lost their lives in Afghanistan, saying: “How can we not remember now, with pain, the soldiers and policemen who lost their lives in that land, and whose sacrifice has been betrayed by supranational bodies, always fearful of offending radical Islamism?”

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“Europe, and the West in general, must assume that its way of life can be defeated militarily, demographically, and commercially, unless we start to defend it, instead of degrading it as up to now with the simultaneous imposition of relativism and multiculturalism,” he added.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally in France, said that “The United States under Biden’s administration is demonstrating its inability to defend, and therefore represent the interests of, the free world,” Le Pen said and added: “NATO, which timidly calls for a ‘political solution’ in Afghanistan, is content to pitifully acknowledge its military impotence and therefore its uselessness, which is now fully proven.”

“There is no doubt that this situation will lead to an increased risk of attacks for our countries and the prospect of new waves of immigration,” Le Pen said, criticizing the Biden administration.

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