After Defunding the Police, Seattle Now Wants to Close All Jails

The lunatic liberals who run Seattle were just fine when scores of anarchist punks took over a large section of the city that included a police precinct in early June.

Yes, it was just going to be a “summer of love’ in the Emerald City’s CHOP Zone, according to loopy Leftist Mayor Jenny Durkan.


But eventually, CHOP was dismantled under order of the good mayor because the utopian ‘no police’ enclave became somewhat of a shooting gallery in which half a dozen people were wounded or killed by gunfire.

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So much for that ‘gun control’ thing.

Nevertheless, the Marxist/socialist wing of the Seattle City Council, which is pretty much all of them, went ahead this week with efforts to defund and defang the Seattle PD, enacting a law – now temporarily put on hold by a federal judge – to ban officers’ use of anything but strong language and maybe a baton to beat back and disperse thousands of rioters.

No more pepper spray, tear gas, pepper balls, or non-lethal ammo; just forceful language, a wagging finger, a wing, and a prayer.

Not to be outdone in the madness, King County – where Seattle is located – wants to jump onto the ‘let’s do whatever we can to create limitless anarchy’ bandwagon: ‘Let’s ban prisons and jails!’

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In a series of tweets, City Journal contributing editor Chris F. Rufo laid out the plan.

"SCOOP: King County Executive Dow Constantine plans to close the county jail in downtown Seattle—and build no new facilities to replace it. I've obtained a leaked email outlining the plan,” he wrote.

"On Thursday, officials will announce a 'phased closing of the Seattle jail' and a plan replace it with 'prevention, diversion, rehabilitation, and harm reduction' programs. Additionally, the county will end all youth detention by 2025," he wrote.

"This is a radical escalation in the agenda of 'abolishing the police' and 'abolishing prisons.' This policy would eliminate nearly 60 percent of King County's jail capacity—and lead to the early release of violent criminals," he continued.

In a subsequent update, Rufo noted that King County and Seattle corrections officials learned of the idiocy and were greatly concerned. Oh, and outraged.

"UPDATE: my sources tell me King County corrections officers are preparing themselves for mass layoffs. Frustration, chaos, and disbelief among jail staff," he added. 

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One by one, the Left-wing lunatics who run our country’s biggest cities – all of them, officially, ‘Democrats’ (though we suspect that, in the future, the party will adopt AOC’s ‘Democratic Socialist’ title) – are systematically dismantling the civil society within them.

No sane person would do such a thing…right? Of course, they would.

Radical Leftists in the modern era don’t create chaos and anarchy for nothing. The purpose is always to foment so much ‘societal discomfort’ that We the People will beg for the unrest to end and will do anything, including surrendering our founding birthright of liberty, to achieve it.

The next best thing, then, is to simply ‘divorce,’ peacefully, citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’ 

It may just come to that.


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