After Getting Demolished in the Olympics, Megan Rapinoe Whines About Media Being Mean to Women’s Sports

LYON, FRANCE - 7 JULY, 2019: Megan Rapinoe of USA seen during the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Final match between USA and Netherlands.

Radical liberal and U.S. women’s soccer team captain Megan Rapinoe is whining about how the media is treating her team after they got destroyed in the 2020 Olympics. The team, who was seen as the best women’s soccer team in the world, got blown out of the Olympics by Sweden after their kneeling stunt.

Rapinoe is now whining and telling the media to “get better” about their criticism of women’s sports. She then bizarrely went on to say that she “always welcome[s] the criticism.”

“I know what it is,” Rapinoe said while talking about the criticism she and her team have been facing. “I’m on social media. I’m not a hermit.”

“I always welcome the criticism,” she added. “For women’s sports, criticism in the media still needs to get better.”

Rapinoe continued, noting that the criticism “says to me that people are watching the games and understand the importance of games and understand different teams. I don’t mind that stuff. I think everything they said was right. We didn’t play well. Sweden did get the better of us.”

“Being in a position where all of my career we are one of the best teams or the best team in the world, if you can’t take that kind of criticism, then you are probably not going to be here that long,” she added

Despite harsh backlash due to her constant anti-American protests, Rapinoe defended the team’s kneeling protest at the Olympics after the devastating game.

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“It’s an opportunity for us to continue to use our voices and use our platforms to talk about the things that affect all of us intimately in different ways,” Rapinoe said after getting destroyed in the Olympics.

“We have people from Team USA, from all over the country, from all backgrounds, and people literally from all over the world for every other team so I obviously encourage everyone to use that platform to the best of their ability to do the most good that they possibly can in the world, especially as all eyes are on Tokyo these next couple weeks,” she added.

“We’re on the global stage, with the world’s media, and eyeballs and people’s attention, all drawn to one place with a collection of incredible athletes from all over the world, who care a lot about what they’re doing here in Tokyo in terms of their sport, and who care a lot about a lot of other things.”

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