After Masking Up On Zoom Call, Biden Goes Maskless With Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter, Both In Their 90’s

From the very beginning, we always knew that the Chinese coronavirus was the most harmful to elderly people and people with compromised immune systems.

Yet, despite Biden’s constant obsession with masks, the senile President didn’t wear one as he was in very close proximity to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, who are both in their mid-90’s.

Keep in mind, this is the same guy who wore a mask on a ZOOM CALL with world leaders. How does this make any sense?

Check out the picture posted by the Carter Center:

The #1 response from liberals is “they’re all vaççinated!”, yet they fail to mention that even the Mayo Clinic admits that you can still spread the virus to others even after you’ve received the jab.

In fact, the Doctor below goes as far as to say that you can UNKNOWINGLY spread the virus because the main purpose of the “shot” is to battle symptoms. In other words, you can have the virus but not show symptoms, therefore spreading it to others without knowing it.


Twitter quickly noted the sickening hypocrisy from the 46th president:

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