Alec Baldwin in “Complete Denial” Over Deadly Shooting, “Blaming Others”

According to a new report, actor and murderer Alec Baldwin is in complete denial over the shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust.” A lawyer for the Hutchins family says Baldwin is “blaming others” and has not accepted responsibility for the shooting.

While appearing on the “Dan Abrams Live” show, attorney Brian Panish opened up about the ongoing battle with Baldwin.

The Daily Wire reports: “The cinematographer was accidentally killed when a firearm Baldwin was holding discharged on set. The weapon had a real bullet when it was supposed to have a blank in it. The incident occurred on October 21 and Hutchins’ family just filed a lawsuit which laid partial blame on the actor.”

“He’s not accepting any responsibility,” Panish said, adding that Baldwin, “refused any gun safety training, number one.”

“Number two, he pointed a gun at someone on a set,” the lawyer added. “You don’t do that without plexiglass and other precautions. Number three, why were there bullets in the gun to begin with whether they were fake or real? It was only a lineup. There was no intention for him to shoot the weapon. He wasn’t supposed to shoot the weapon. Nobody expected him to do that, yet he recklessly fired the weapon while pointing it at three people, killed one and injured another.”

The Daily Wire continues:

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The Hutchins family is suing Baldwin for punitive damages plus funeral and burial expenses. There are several other pending lawsuits as well, and investigations are ongoing. Lighting technician Serge Svetnoy, the film’s script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, and on-set armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed also have lawsuits pending.

Meanwhile, the criminal investigation is still taking place. The actor posted a video in January saying he was fully cooperating with the investigation into the shooting, which ran contrary to rumors that Baldwin was refusing to turn over his cell phone to authorities. They have taken possession of the phone as of now.

Panish said it will depend on the prosecuting attorney to charge Baldwin with a crime depending on what the evidence reveals. But either way, the attorney believes Baldwin is “in complete denial, accepting no responsibility, and we look forward to letting the folks, the community, in Santa Fe County determine his responsibility.”

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