All Across Europe People Are Standing up Against Covid Passports

Europe is rising up to protests measures that would require people to show proof of vaccination to participate in society. All across the continent, in places like Madrid, Rome, Milan, London, Paris, Athens, Ibiza, among others, hundreds of thousands of people are showing up to march in favor of medical freedom.

The mainstream media, unsurprisingly, is completely ignoring the voices of these masses of people.

Some of the most powerful demonstrations happened in France, where demonstrators had tear gas fired at them by riot police. Police also pushed back demonstrators in some parts of the city, and there were actual scuffles between police and demonstrators.

The demonstrations were in part, because of the impending legislations in parliament that would set up a vaccine passport system within the country, as well as implement a vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers in France. Protestors in Paris were also heard powerfully calling for Macron’s resignation.

In Italy, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered to oppose the possible implementation of a “green pass,” aka, the vaccine passport. The protestors gathered in Rome, Naples, Verona, and Milan, and apart from chanting against the so-called “green pass,” they also called for “big pharma” and “multinationals” to stay out.

People are standing up to the effect of hundreds of thousands chanting “liberty,” or “libertad,” or “liberte.” It doesn’t matter the language, all across Europe the message is the same. If the people are united in massive non-compliance against big pharma and government tyranny, then the government cannot stand against the wishes of the populace – but the people have to stand strong in their principles.

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This is the new global protest movement, the new global revolution by the people. But as the old slogan goes, and it actually holds true, “the revolution will not be televised.” Mainstream media will not cover it, so we have to look for independent journalists, such as Ben Swann with Truth in Media, among other sources like everyday people who have become video journalists recording the happenings in their cities, and nations.

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