All Hell Broke Loose When Rush Revealed Who Could Beat Trump In 2020

Things got very interesting this week when conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh revealed the only person he thinks can defeat President Donald Trump in 2020. 

During a segment on his show, Limbaugh said none of the current 24 Democratic presidential hopefuls worry him. 


But Limbaugh said one name could send shock waves and pose a serious threat to the president: former First Lady Michelle Obama

Limbaugh kicked things off by discussing a piece from New York Times election analyst Nate Cohen, who ran the numbers and offered a very interesting 2020 prediction.

According to Cohen's model, the strength of Trump’s base in key swing states could likely lead to Trump wining the Electoral College -- the only thing that actually matters -- but lose the popular vote by as many as five million votes.

Cohen's model found that Trump is in prime position to win a second term in office.

While the report is good news for the president, Limbaugh is hesitant because he thinks Democrats have a trick up their sleeve.

The trick, of course, being Michelle Obama.

Here's what Limbaugh argued:

Don’t be surprised if she gets in the Democrat presidential primary race after the primaries. Don’t be surprised. I think the Obamas are looking at this as, ‘The primaries? That’s beneath us. We’re not gonna enter the primaries. 
They’ll let these people fight it out, spend all their money, and then when it looks like none of them has a chance of beating Trump, here comes Michelle (My Belle) Obama at the latter moments of the campaign to jump into the fray and save the day for the Democrat Party. Do not be surprised if this happens.

Limbaugh rounded out the segment by warning people not to get too caught up in meaningless polls and head-to-head match-ups 500 days out from the general election.

He also reminded voters that these same polls predicted Hillary Clinton would win the election in 2016 -- and that backfired on her badly.

Time will tell what happens next, but Michelle Obama running for president would certainly shake things up.

And Rush is worried that she may be the only person out there that could actually defeat the president.