Alyssa Milano Has Meltdown After Conservatives Unload On Her For Calling The Cops On Kid Hunting Squirrels

On Tuesday, far-left "defund the police" activist Alyssa Milano unloaded on “rightwing media” and “trolls” after a report came out alleging that the anti-police actress called the police after her and her husband saw a "gunman" who was actually just a teenager hunting squirrels.

“Apparently, rightwing media & trolls have decided that they should target me because my neighbor called the police after seeing a person dressed in black holding a rifle behind my home where I live with my young children and husband,” she said..”


The statement from Milano did admit however that it was her husband who called the police despite claiming that it was her neighbor.

In her statement, Milano said she was watching TV when she saw “a man dressed in all black, walking in the woods between our properties with a gun” and alerted authorities.

“We then received a call alerting us to the potential situation and that officers had been dispatched. My husband subsequently called 911 to check on when police would be arriving,” she said. “While he was on the line, they arrived.”

Milano, who has called for defunding the police, thanked the officers.

“These are exactly the type of situations that police officers are trained for and should be responding to,” Milano said, “and we will always support police having the resources they need for appropriate police actions.”

“We’d love to see equally trained non-police professionals respond to addiction and mental health crises and non-violent events so that these brave officers can do the jobs they are so good at handling, as they demonstrated this weekend,” Milano finished.

Check out what the Daily Mail reported in relation to the incident:

Actress and 'Defund the police' activist Alyssa Milano was quick to call cops when she believed an armed gunman was on her Bell Canyon property on Sunday morning.

The call ignited a response that included seven Ventura County Sheriffs' vehicles, one K-9 unit, a police helicopter and one Los Angeles Fire Department team that sat down the street on standby. 

DailyMail.com has obtained exclusive photos showing the first responders coming to the aid of the 47-year-old at her five bed, six bath, 8,000 square foot, $2.5 million home in the upscale gated community that sits just 20 minutes north of Los Angeles.

A neighbor in the area spoke to the Daily Mail, saying, "We first noticed the helicopter circling overhead very low and knew something was going on, it's usually such a quiet community. Then we saw all the police cars parked in front of Alyssa's home. They had their guns at the ready and seemed very serious."

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Milano allegedly quickly called the police after she heard gunshots on her property and told 911 that the noise "scared their dogs."

Milano's quick decision to call the police is quite ironic considering she has been slandering the police for the past several months as she calls to defund them.

The Daily Mail continues:

Alyssa Milano's gate sat open with law enforcement guarding the entire perimeter of the street, as these DailyMail.com photos show.

The search by air and street level lasted over three hours and ended abruptly at 12.20pm.

Alyssa and her husband Dave Bugliari were also concerned that it may be someone stalking the former Charmed and Who's The Boss star

'It turned out it was a neighborhood teen with an air gun shooting at squirrels,' a resident told the DailyMail.com.

The male teenager witnessed the emergency response and later realized he was the cause and turned himself in.

The officers then had an impromptu meeting with some of the residents in the Bell Canyon community center, confirming what they dubbed, 'Squirrelgate.'

Alyssa has owned this Bell Canyon home since 2001. She lives there with her husband and their two children, Milo, nine, and Elizabella, six. 

A quick look back on Milano's past tweets proves the actress to be a total hypocrite.Back in July, Milano urged her followers to sign a petition that demands a 90% reduction in police funding.

She tweeted: "What is the Los Angeles Police Protective League? @LAPPL is a narrow special interest group that lobbies our politicians to protect the LAPD budget, pension + officers. But electeds (sic) need to #ProtectPeopleNot Police. Sign the #People'sBudgetLA petition."

In August she tweeted, "#DefundThePolice."

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