DOUBLE STANDARD: Amazon Is Still Selling ‘Kill All Republicans’ T-Shirts After Banning Parler For ‘Violence’

Leftists continue to set the standard for hypocrisy, but even more than that, they are working hard to demonize and even dehumanize their conservative political opponents much in the very same way Adolph Hitler’s Nazis dehumanized Jews.

And we know what happened next.

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Strong statement? Yes, it is. And unfortunately, it’s not hyperbole.

Even as Amazon took away Parler’s right to exist by kicking the platform off Amazon Web Services (after AWS has become a near-monopoly in providing Internet access) after accusing Parler executives of allowing users to ‘incite’ the Capitol Building violence and rioting earlier this month, the gargantuan hypocritical gatekeepers of expression and speech appear to have no problem hosting a vendor who sells a t-shirt calling for the elimination of Republicans.

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And just in case you thought Fournier was full of it, actress Kristy Swanson found the actual page:

Now look, this BS isn’t funny anymore. It’s not a joke. It’s not, ‘Ah, c’mon man, we’re just trying to be provocative.’

These are out-and-out threats.

And talk about incitement to violence… Have you ever heard President Donald Trump or any Republican officeholder implore fellow citizens to kill other fellow citizens for any reason, let alone their competing political beliefs?

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Of course not. And you’re not likely to because that’s not who and what Republicans are.

Democrats…well, it’s hard to imagine a conservative sells a shirt like this.

It’s even harder to fathom that officials at Amazon think shirts like this are okay. After all, Amazon is the ‘defender of the peace,’ the ‘anti-violence police’ ready to deplatform violators.

Or so we’re told.

Apparently not.

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