Ami Horowitz Video Features White Libs Calling for Defunding Police While East Harlem Blacks Say NO Way!

While many Black Lives Matter activists are stumping for dumping police departments and using the money for dramatic expansions of Left-wing social programs, what’s particularly interesting to see is the divide between them and Americans of color who live in some of the more dangerous neighborhoods around the country.

But there is an even wider gap developing between white liberal ‘social justice warriors’ who scream “Defund the Police” from their well-protected neighborhoods and black Americans who know what will happen in their neighborhoods without cops.


Videographer Ami Horowitz recently highlighted this gap when he interviewed white Leftists in East Village, N.Y. and black residents in East Harlem.

“How much better would the black community be if we dismantled the police?” Horowitz asked one young coronavirus-masked lib.

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“I think infinitely, honestly,” the man answered.

Horowitz then asked a young woman, “How much better off would the black community be if we separated the police from them?”

“How much better off would we all be?” she responded.

Another young white man commented, “I’d rather have something that doesn’t work without them than what we currently have, which is something that doesn’t work with them.”

The same man would go on to say he believes police officers “are disgusting.” 

Horowitz asked yet another white man, “Abolish the police?” The man responded, “Absolutely.”

Still another white male said, “Policing in this country is about keeping black people down,” adding, “Police arose out of slave-catching patrols” – which is patently untrue. American policing was derived from the English standard, with some additional Western influences. Early policing was literally developed to enforce legal standards, protect and respect citizens, and prevent crime.

Additional comments from the white libs: 

“Like, I just f**king hate the police and everything they stand for.”

“The police are an occupying army.”

The man who said “absolutely” defund the police was then asked by Horowitz how he thought residents in East Harlem viewed the NYPD. He responded, “Probably the the same way I feel about them. You know? Probably worse.”

The first male was asked, “How much rage is there on the streets against the police these days in the black community?”

He said, “A ton now, but I think there always has been a lot, and for good reason.”

So…how do black residents of East Harlem feel about just defunding the NYPD?

“What do you think of the people who say, ‘Oh, your community would be better off if there was no police?’” Horwitz asked a young black woman and an older black man.

“I think they’re full of crap,” the man responded.

“I think they’re being somewhat ignorant,” the woman said.

Without cops, said another black man, the neighborhood would become “very dangerous” and overrun with criminal activity and violence.

“People would just be going crazy,” he continued. “I’d be worse than what it is. Robberies, looting, raping, murder.”

“Abolishing the NYPD/ That would be suicide,” yet another black man – who was wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt – said. 

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“Yes, they are needed,” the first black man interviewed noted further.

In other words, the white libs who don’t live in black neighborhoods don’t speak for those Americans. 

And the white libs obviously have no idea what they’re talking about. 

There’s more, including praise for police from the East Harlem residents.