Ana Navarro Wasted No Time in Slandering Herman Cain After He Tragically Dies From The Coronavirus

If you needed any more evidence that mainstream media Leftists are some of the most vile, disgusting people on the planet, CNN’s Ana Navarro provides yet another example in her lengthy list of offenses to humanity.

As you may have heard, Herman Cain, a successful black businessman and conservative who unsuccessfully ran for the GOP nomination in 2012 (he should have gotten it, frankly), passed away Thursday due to health complications related to the coronavirus.

“Cain, who recently joined Newsmax TV and was set to launch a weekly show, died in an Atlanta-area hospital where he had been critically ill for several weeks. He was admitted on July 1, two days after being diagnosed with COVID-19,” the network said.

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But no sooner than the news began to spread about Cain’s death, Navarro took to Twitter to advance the Left’s fear-porn agenda surrounding a virus that barely affects the vast majority of people who contract it.

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“Herman Caín thought Covid was a hoax, scoffed at wearing a mask. Died of Covid. Bill Montgomery, co-founder of pro-Trump, Turning Point USA, scoffed at virus. Died of Covid. Rep. Gohmert refused to wear a mask. Has Covid. See a pattern? Covid doesn’t care about partisanship,” she tweeted.

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Mind you, Cain had been battling Stage 4 colon cancer and it’s very possible that was the underlying reason for his demise. We also know that COVID-19 affects people with preexisting health conditions more, in that the virus seems to exacerbate such conditions (the virus doesn’t actually kill, the underlying condition does – but no matter because anyone who has coronavirus and dies is counted as a ‘coronavirus death’).

But because Leftists are terrible people, they never miss an opportunity to pile on and be the absolute worst human beings they could possibly be.

Cain wasn’t that way, however.

Back in late March when CNN anchor Chris Cuomo announced he had tested positive for the virus, Cain took to Twitter to encourage conservatives not to be terrible people.

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“We’re all in this together, so drop the politics. Be better than that. We may not often agree with Cuomo or his network, but we wish him a speedy recovery and hope the spread within CNN is contained. #Coronavirus,” he wrote. 

So much for comity. 

Black conservative activist and podcaster Candace Owens refused to let Navarro get away with what she wrote.

**Warning: Language

“You have to reach a never-before-seen gutter of soulless b**ch, to openly gloat about elderly men dying. Congratulations, @ananavarro —on the politically expedient death of senior citizens,” she wrote on Twitter, tagging the CNN contributor. 

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By any measure, unlike Navarro, Cain was a major success during his lifetime. A former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, Cain was beloved in the conservative community and even respected among some of his Democratic opponents.

Navarro, meanwhile, is nothing more than a bitter troll working for a network full of bitter trolls who also haven’t accomplished one-tenth of what Cain did and never will.

Rest in peace, brother. We will miss you.

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