Analysis: Democrats Are Complicit in the Murder of Our Police Officers

It took Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, all summer to condemn the rioting and violence in our streets. And in fact, when the two finally did speak up, oftentimes they only offered vanilla, lukewarm rebukes because neither of them is about to disparage the hard-Left voters they are trying to inspire to turn out for them.

That said, it also took both of them quite some time to speak out against violence being inflicted against American police, as officers all over the country have struggled to contain riots, looting, and other forms of mass unrest. 

In fact, Harris still supports the ridiculous ‘defund the police’ movement, as well as bans on semi-automatic rifles of the kind that are needed now more than ever by Americans who may soon be forced to defend themselves against angry Left-wing insurrectionists.

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These two Democrats are not alone. The entire party has become anti-police, and not just a little: Most of them do indeed support ‘defund’ efforts, and by their comments, they have also dog-whistled to their supporters that it’s really okay to target police and single them out for harm.

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So vehement and strident has the Democrats’ opposition to police been, you could make the strong case that Democrats are at least partially responsible for attacks on cops. 

Dave Marcus, writing at The Federalist, notes:

It took Joe Biden three months to stand up to the insane left-wing of the Democratic Party and condemn the riots and looting that swept over America in this our summer of discontent. Even then, it was not so much a principled and courageous act but rather a political calculation. It turns out his progressive advisors were selling him a bill of goods when they told him average Americans were against America and its police, but some people were paying attention to Biden’s tacit approval of violence, and now our law enforcement officers are paying the price, some with their lives.

According to Rep. Chip Roy (R- Texas), 43 law enforcement officers have been killed thus far in 2020 — a 43 percent increase over last year. In some cases, like the horrific shooting in Los Angeles, the incidents are little short of assassination attempts.

President Donald Trump, by comparison, has been loud and consistent with his support for our men and women manning the thin blue line. Like all sane Americans, the president knows that our society would literally and instantly collapse if we awoke one morning to find that the thin blue line had vanished. Only the most disciplined and tight-knit communities and towns would not devolve into chaos.

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And to be clear, a lot more police officers have been killed this year than unarmed black men – or white and Hispanic men – combined. And yet, Americans who support the thin blue line have not taken to the streets to burn, loot, and destroy the cities and communities of others.

As for Democrats enabling anti-police violence, Marcus was unequivocal.

“No more equivocations, no more buts. The Democrats must denounce this spree of attacks on police in no uncertain terms, and they have to do it right now. If they do not, they will wind up with more blood on their hands than they already have, and our society will reap the violence they are sowing. That must not happen,” he concluded.

We won’t hold our breath.

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