Andrew Cuomo threatens to reinstate coronavirus lockdown even as illness, death rates DROP again

Democratic leaders who continue to keep their states locked down over ‘concerned about coronavirus’ to say they are doing so merely because they are ‘following the science and data’ are simply blowing smoke at this point.

And nowhere is that truer that the Left-wing hell that is New York.

Though Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had no concerns at all about the spread of COVID-19 through a distinct lack of social distancing during the recent George Floyd protests, riots, and memorials, suddenly now that residents of the state want to enjoy themselves at recently reopened businesses, coronavirus is a problem again.

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As reported by Big League Politics

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is threatening to reinstate coronavirus lockdowns, as Manhattan and New York City residents increasingly ignore the state government’s rules for social distancing and safe activity.

At a Sunday press conference in Albany, Cuomo threatened that businesses flouting the rules for capacity restrictions could lose their liquor licenses.

“I am warning today in a nice way: consequences of your actions. We have 25,000 complaints statewide. I’m not going to turn a blind eye to them,” he warned.

Well, 25,000 complaints in a state with nearly 20 million people – the country’s fourth largest – seems pretty miniscule. We’re betting that New York City alone gets about that many complaints a day from residents upset about something.

In any event, Cuomo was essentially hacked off about people ignoring social distancing rules that they see as completely irrelevant and pointless at this juncture, thanks again to ruling Democrats’ indifference to the issue of social distancing during the Floyd protests.

“They are rampant and there’s not enough enforcement,” he said regarding photos of crowds at Manhattan bars. “I am not going to allow situations to exist that we know have a high likelihood of causing an increase in the spread of the virus.”

So, what’s Andy going to do – put a million New Yorkers in jail?

No. He’ll just take away peoples’ livelihoods – while he continues to draw a taxpayer-funded paycheck.

“If we have to close, then people are going to hold you accountable,” Cuomo said.

Actually, people will hold him accountable. It’s his rule.

But that said, it’s ridiculous at this point to even threaten another lockdown. As reported by WABC, coronavirus illnesses and deaths are way down again, and Cuomo announced it:

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that New York state has reached the lowest number of hospitalizations and deaths on the 3-day average since this pandemic started, as more of the region opens further.

The transmission rate on Sunday was at 1.3% for New York City, .09% on Long Island, and 1.0% in Westchester County.

So which is it – the state’s infection rate and death toll plummeting, or coronavirus is still the next Black Plague? Because it can’t be both.

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Cuomo has uttered so much contradictory BS since the pandemic began and started sweeping through the country’s largest city, he simply can’t keep up with what he’s said in the past.

All we know is, his coronavirus policies have been really bad. And deadly. Especially for nursing home patients