Andy Barr vs Derek Petteys

The Kentucky primary is now on going for district 6 wherein Congressman Republican Andy Barr faces Derek Petteys. Bar proudly displays voting for the America last package to the tune of $40 billion on his page. He additionally states that he’s committed to helping Kentucky families and serving America in the future. What part of sending our money to another country helps Americans though is the question? To his credit, he did denounce the leak from the Supreme Court as a violation of trust in the credibility of the court. He has also been hard on the CCP.

Barr has been in the US House of representative for the 6th district since 2013 and is a member of the Republican Party. Previous to this, he had served in the administration of Kentucky governor Ernie Fletcher. Previous to that, he was an attorney in Lexington KY and a member of the Fayette County Bar Association and co-founded the Lexington Charity Club.

While serving under Fletcher, the administration was involved in multiple scandals based on the states merit system. Thankfully, Barr was not implicated in the scandals. In 2008, after serving under Fletcher, he returned to private practice and he worked as a part time instructor on constitutional law at the University of Kentucky.

In 2009, he was the first republican to formally announce that he would seek his party’s nomination to challenge the incumbent Ben Chandler at that time. He touted his opposition for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the American clean energy and Security Act. In the 2010 election however, he was narrowly defeated by Chandler and on November 12th had to concede the election.

It was the 2012 elections that Barr was able to successfully challenge Chandler when he said voters would have a simple choice to make; whether to protect and save Social Security or end them. Barr is a known supporter of the Patriot Act. He was the underdog and wasn’t believed to be able to win, but he did win the republican primary at that time. He seemed to be a strong candidate so one has to wonder why he would choose America last by spending money on a country that we have no business supporting. Perhaps there is more to this than we know.

Derek Petteys is now challenging Bar in the 6th district. He has made a living in project management and customer relations. He states that the government has been run by lawyers and political elites for too long and Andy Barr that is part of that problem.

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He claims to be a citizen candidate which is committed to working for the men and women of the 6th district to defend actual conservative values. He is 100% prolife and 100% pro Second Amendment. He believes in putting America first always. Derek Petty is pledging to serve only eight years and to support term limits which is the best thing that could happen in the House of Representatives. He states that he will tackle the national debt, censorship from big tech, and oppose mandates that steal our freedoms.


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