AOC Effort To Restrict Military Recruitment Shot Down In Dem-Controlled House

An effort by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to weaken America’s military by restricting online recruitment has been shot down in flames in the Democrat-controlled House. 

In a rare bipartisan rebuke of the leader of an anti-American fifth column that seeks to destroy the nation from within, Democrats joined with their GOP counterparts to deliver a stinging defeat to the former bartender. 

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AOC’s amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act sought to block the military from posting recruitment advertising on the popular live-streaming gaming service Twitch was nuked by an astounding 292-126 margin.

The crushing blow to Ocasio-Cortez’s gargantuan ego came after the thin-skinned Twitter diva gave a grandstanding speech on the same House floor where only weeks ago she defiled whatever remained of the lower body’s dignity by dropping an F-bomb during a tirade against Republican Rep. Ted Yoho. 

Via Yahoo Entertainment/The Wrap, “House Rejects Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Proposal to Ban Military Recruitment on Twitch”:

The House of Representatives on Thursday voted against the passage of an amendment spearheaded by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that would bar the United States military from recruiting via game streaming site Twitch.

Ocasio-Cortez brought the amendment to a vote as part of the H.R. 7617 Department of Defense Appropriations Act. The House voted to block the amendment, with 292 votes against compared to 126 in support of it.

The amendment came after a July 15 report in The Nation that detailed the military’s recruitment tactics on Twitch, which include unspecified gaming hardware giveaways. The Army, Navy, and Air Force each have their own esports teams that stream on Twitch, targeting viewers as young as 12 to sign up. The recruiters in question typically play Infinity Ward’s “Call of Duty” or Riot Games’ recently released first-person shooter “Valorant” on the streams as they answer questions from potential recruits live.

Ocasio-Cortez said the practice is predatory and should be banned. “War is not a game. The marine service… and issues associated with combat are too serious to be gamified in a responsible manner,” Ocasio-Cortez said during the session. Ocasio-Cortez classified Twitch and other live-streaming platforms as “populated with children well under the age of military recruitment rules; children as young as 12 can be targeted to fill out recruitment forms online,” and added that she believes “we should again restrain and restrict from explicit recruitment tactics” on such platforms.

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While the amendment to bring cancel culture to the armed forces was largely symbolic and doomed to fail it allowed Ocasio-Cortez to once again mug for the cameras for the love of the Twitter mob and it was on that platform where she retreated to whine about the tech illiteracy of her colleagues. 

AOC Sez:

“Imagine trying to explain to your colleagues who are members of Congress what Twitch is…

When our legislative bodies aren’t sufficiently responsive to tech, then that means we don’t have the tools required to protect people. This is partially why companies know way more about you than you may even be aware of – bc it’s legal, and Congress is struggling to keep up.”

While the termination with extreme prejudice of the AOC amendment is encouraging there were 126 Democrats who sided with the terrorists and America’s enemies. 

Like her fellow Squad member Ilhan Omar, AOC has been highly critical of U.S. foreign policy, and while this bid to bring the cancel culture to the military by cutting off a prime tool for spotting talent may have failed she isn’t going away. 


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