AOC Refuses To Condemn BLM Protesters Who Demand That White People Give Up Their Homes

According to the New York Post, far-left socialist representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez allegedly "refused to condemn" Black Lives Matter protesters who berated white people in Seattle, demanding that they give up their homes to black people.

The comments from Ocasio-Cortez came while she visited a NYCHA housing complex in Queens.


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The New York Post reported that the socialist representative “refused to condemn” the radical extremists and instead stated that politicians need to “establish just policies and address the core issues of brutality.”

“Since this is happening in Seattle, I don’t have as close of a view on what’s happening. Of course I represent New York’s 14th Congressional District, so I don’t know the details of the protests that are going on, but I think what’s really important is that we make sure people are safe and it’s important for us to enact legislation and policy that actually addresses the core reasons behind why all of this kind of disruption is happening,” AOC said, continuing by stating, “until we do that, this is going to keep occurring, whether we want it to or not.”

After being asked if she would run for a more powerful government position in the future, she said, “Everyone leave me alone.”

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On Wednesday evening, a Black Lives Matter mob had a rally in a Seattle neighborhood, demanding that the white people leave their homes and give them up to black people.

"Give up your house, give black people back their homes," shouted one of the leaders.

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Here are some of the comments that the activists yelled at the white residents:

  • “All y’all white motherf***ers get the f*** out our neighborhoods so we can go back to [inaudible]. Get the f*** out. Get the f*** out and give us our sh** back! Give us our sh** back. … Get the f*** out [and] give us our sh** back.”
  • “Pay the fee. Open your purse.”
  • “Get this back, man, we comin for it, reparations. Give us our sh** back. Give us our equity back.”
  • “Give us your house; give black people back their homes. You’re sitting their comfortably, comfortable as f*** and [inaudible] help gentrify this neighborhood. I used to live in this neighborhood … and my family was pushed out, and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends.”
  • “Hey, you work for Amazon, don’t you. You work for Amazon, don’t you? Because the majority of the people that live in the Central District now work for Amazon because it’s an easier commute to [inaudible]. Well, guess what? The guy you work for is part of the f***ing problem, too. So, let’s not act like you just are oblivious to the sh** because you knew about it all along, and you’re okay with it. But guess what? We’re not, and we’re bringing it to your front f***in door. So what the f*** do you plan to do about it?”
  • “We want it all. We want everything that we supposed to have. Period. And then some, too, because everything we supposed to have ain’t enough. It damn sure ain’t enough. Not for all the years that we didn’t have to suffer, it damn sure ain’t enough. You feel what I’m saying? So like, [dead] serious man, like –”

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