AOC Rips Biden Appointees As Corporate ‘Revolving Door

By now it has to be dawning on the socialist wing of the Democratic party that former vice president Joe Biden was only paying lip service to them on appointing a diverse array of leftists to his cabinet. 

Team Biden has raised the ire of Bernie Sanders supporters who bought the lies again and lined up behind him just as they did with Hillary in 2016 with expectations that their loyalty would be rewarded. 

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Instead, Biden has fielded a parade of Obama era retreads including Tony Blinken, Neera Tanden, Dennis McDonough, Jen Psaki, and Janet Yellen while shutting out gullible leftist ideologues.

There will be no Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary, no Labor Secretary spot for Bernie as he had hoped, and no highly visible role for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whose meteoric rise to national prominence isn’t worth jack squat to Biden.  

And Ocasio-Cortez is not happy about it. 

In an interview with the Glenn Greenwald-less The Intercept, AOC vented to Jeremy Scahill and bemoaned the same-old, same-old corporate revolving door. 

Excerpted from The Intercept:

Scahill: This sort of slipped in under the radar but Politico pointed out that some of the recent additions to Joe Biden’s transitional team were sort of distributed on the sly, there were no ceremonies for it, and perhaps it’s because they’re people who are from Goldman Sachs, from McKinsey, from Boston Consulting. If you look at some of the premier nominee positions, Tony Blinken — total Washington insider — starts this firm that literally brags that they have a direct path to the executive office. You have Avril Hanes at DNI being celebrated … she also is a defender of Gina Haspel who was a key player in the torture and kidnap program run by the CIA. 

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, how do you make sense of this corporate revolving door that Biden is once again activating and the fact that you have ultra-hawkish, right-wing Democrats, including people who have been apologists for people involved with the torture program? [Emphasis added]

Ocasio-Cortez: It’s horrible and I think it’s part of a larger issue that we have right now which is there’s a lot of talk about ‘Oh, you know the Biden administration is bringing back a lot of Obama appointees’ which depending on where you are in the party, may sound nice I guess but I think what a lot of people fail to remember is that we now have a Biden administration that’s bringing back a lot of Obama appointees but when Obama was making appointments, he was bringing back a lot of Clinton appointees and so this is not just a revolving door of private industry, but it’s a revolving door of just the same people for the last 10, 20, 30 years in a time when this like emerging populism and one of the main reasons — and a huge reason we got Donald Trump in the first place in addition to just the racism that was waiting to reanimated in this country — [there is] just an extreme disdain for this moneyed, political establishment that just rules Washington, D.C. no matter who you seem to elect. 

It’s not just in individuals, but it’s in ideologies and it’s a way of doing things … and it’s this hand over fist self-dealing, this continued commitment to foreign wars that frankly people all across the political spectrum in the United States are sick of. And you know especially when it comes to foreign policy, we’re really in an appalling state. This is why we had so many people rally behind Democratic nominees but now the situation is like what do we do because the fact of the matter is that the most conservative … Democrat in the field is the one that won. 

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AOC also took a swipe at Nancy Pelosi who she just voted for as Speaker: “I do think that we need new leadership in the Democratic Party,” which can’t make the octogenarian queen of spite very happy. 

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Ocasio-Cortez and other progressives will now be expected to shut up and fall into line as they are no longer needed now that the establishment has gotten what it needed from their useful idiots but that Democrat coalition is already fraying with the hate for President Trump that was the glue that held it together.  

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