AOC Sides With Iran, Blasts Trump For ‘Act Of War’, Warns Of Millions Dead

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has weighed in on President Trump’s termination of an Iranian terrorist leader and as could be expected, she sided with the bad guys. 

Joining other Democrats who blew their stacks over the airstrike that took out General Qassem Soleimani, the socialist Twitter diva accused Trump of committing an ‘act of war’ and that he is risking the lives of millions of people. 

It is the same type of hyperbole from the former bartender as her Green New Deal which is based on bogus claims that the world could end in twelve years if her sweeping climate change proposals aren’t adopted. 

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In one of Friday’s most anticipated responses to the killing of Soleimani, AOC unloaded on the leader of the free world. 

Via The Washington Examiner, “AOC: Congress has a ‘moral and legal obligation’ to prevent war with Iran”:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for Congress to use its power to prevent war with Iran following the U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Soleimani, who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans, was killed near Baghdad International Airport on Thursday. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Soleimani was targeted because they had intelligence suggesting he was an imminent threat toward Americans abroad.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Friday afternoon, “Last night the President engaged in what is widely being recognized as an act of war against Iran, one that now risks the lives of millions of innocent people. Now is the moment to prevent war & protect innocent people – the question for many is how, publicly & Congressionally.”

Ocasio-Cortez also spewed out a slew of talking points that were given to her because it is hard to believe that she would understand a term like realpolitik.

AOC also demanded that Congress move quickly to deter President Trump from swiftly acting to protect Americans by bogging him down in a corrupt and amoral Congress that has spent years trying to destroy him. 

Some might suggest that Iran has now managed to penetrate the U.S. Congress given the vicious responses by members after Soleimani was sent to his great reward, it would be hard to argue with them.  

According to the “future” of the Democratic party:

Congress now has a moral and legal obligation to reassert its power to stop this war and protect innocent people from horrific consequences.

We have two immediate options:

1. Vote on a War Powers Resolution, which requires Trump to attain Congressional approval.

2. Reintroduce & vote on@RepRoKhanna ’s bipartisan NDAA amendment, which blocks $ offensive action to Iran. This amendment passed the House w/ bipartisan support not long ago, and was later gutted in negotiations. We can bring it back as a standalone bill.

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The congresswoman from New York was referring to a bill by extreme-left California Democrat Ro Khanna who like herself, was backed by the socialist Justice Democrats who have gained a foothold in the House Of Representatives and are already exerting serious influence. 

Khanna’s bill to put American troops in peril by tying the president’s hands under the presumed threat of another impeachment was backed by AOC’s mentor Bernie Sanders.

It is truly astonishing to witness Democrats taking up with the world’s biggest exporter of terrorism out of hatred for President Trump but this is who they are.  

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