Are Radical Leftists Prepared to Live by Their Own New Rules?

Did you hear it? The Guffaw that was heard around the world that the above headline elicited?

Every American, indeed every sane Human around the world that has found themselves dealing with the radical left knows the answer… a resounding NO. Look no further than how all the leftist tyrants, from the Mayors of DC and San Francisco to the governors of California and Michigan ((and many towns and cities and states in between) ignored their own China Virus theatrical mandates.

A recent column in American Greatness poses the question and further queries “Have leftists ever read Thucydides on the stasis at Corcyra and his warning that zealots who destroy laws, customs, and traditions for short-term gain, soon rue the day they began making such changes when, in vain, they seek refuge in the very sanctuaries of behavior that they have destroyed?”

Well, no, because most radical leftist believe, or convince themselves that they believe, that the New Liberal Order has perfected the electoral cheat (Ahem, 2020) and will never be required to relinquish power to those that may hold them to account.

Or is it more likely that when the power change comes the leftists will “…just plead that their own rules do not apply to themselves given their innate moral superiority? Will they employ the John Kerry defense that one must bomb the upper atmosphere with private-jet carbon emissions in order to do the important work of flying around the globe to stop carbon emissions?

The column looks to four major areas of concern, where leftist behaviors do not match the condescending new rules for the rest of us: The Supreme Court, the military, the FBI/CIA, and Congress.

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After the “Summer of Love” BLM and Antifa riots of 2020 that caused over $2 billion in damages across the USA, which we were told was a patriotic duty that even transcended “Covid Mandates”, all of the sudden on January 6, 2021, protesting became treasonous and insurrectionist.

Of course, once SCOTUS sent Roe v. Wade back to the states and the people, protesting became a patriotic duty again– even if protesting (at the homes of justices) broke existing federal law.

Is turnabout fair play?

Should conservatives mass at the home of Justice Sonia Sotomayor, decrying her radical nihilist abortionist ideology? Is that understandable cri de coeur? Would such intimidation in the future moderate her extremism? Is that now an acceptable strategy?

Should the right pack the court with 15 justices, leak drafts from SCOTUS, or tell Americans from the bully pulpit of the Presidency that SCOTUS is illegitimate, and their rulings will be ignored?

No, of course not.

What about the Congress? Should the GOP, when it takes control of the Senate should the GOP end the filibuster to silence the minority? Or designate “sanctuary jurisdictions” where federal law will not be applicable? When the GOP controls the House, should the immediately start impeachment proceedings against Brandon and others in his administration?

No, skip the impeachments and go right to the treason trials.

Will the military, under new GOP leadership, be allowed to root out any and all democrats (not to mention BLM/Antifa activists) and expel them from the military for being extreme insurrectionists? Would the left be reduced to tears due to the unfairness of it all?

This would be a good idea, but yes, leftists would cry.

What about the FBI and the CIA?

Would leftists be okay if a GOP Presidential candidate paid ex-foreign spies to make up stories about their opponent, and then hand it off to the FBI to spy on said candidate? How about if the FBI designated left wing parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists? Would it be okay if the CIA declared every bit of relevant information as Chinese disinformation?

No, again leftists would cry big leftist crocodile tears at the unfairness of it all.

Luckily the awakened are not that into revenge or vengeance–those belong to God and would only make the world worse off.

There is a place for righteous anger and justice in this realm, however, and those that have sold out their country for money should be held to account.


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