Are the Tik Tok Kids All Right? Lol, No

Are America’s kids, at least as they portray themselves on Tik Tok, all right? Lol, no. No they are not.

Don’t believe me? Well, just watch this video that Libs of Tik Tok found. It’s really something:

There is a whole lot going on there. As is usual with the “my pronouns are xlam/xu/they” crowd of blue-hairs, the self-obsession is there from the start. The most humble “them” in the world “they” are not.

But, more importantly, the Late Empire vibes are off the wall in this video. America has now reached the point where life is so comfortable and easy that made-up problems dominate the minds of the youth and they’re cheered for going crazy.

Just close your eyes and think for a moment, did the Greatest Generation worry over its pronouns or “alters” during the Great Depression? Was Patton so intent on sweeping through Lorraine and seizing Metz because the Little Corporal and his toadies in the OKW said that there were only 32 genders, not 72?

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Or, going farther back, did Sherman go on his march of terror through the cotton fields of Georgia because the 13 stars of the Confederate battle flag implied that there were only 13 acceptable “alters”? Was Lee forced to side with his native Virginia because Lincoln told him he didn’t think castration made a man a woman?

No, of course not. Those men had real issues to deal with. Times were tough and so were they. So, rather than ranting on a Chinese data-harvesting operation about their genitals and delusions, they laced up their boots or greased their scabbards and rode off to deal with them.

The same could be said of any Western man in the many generations before them, up until one gets back to the last time the world reached this level of degeneracy…Late Empire Rome.

So, with welcome arms welcome the spirit of Elagabalus into the hearts of all your alters. You’ll need it, for the kids are not all right.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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