“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”; Biden ERUPTS After Reporter Says Democrats Aren’t United [VIDEO]

As everyone knows, Joe Biden hates taking questions from the press. You can’t really blame the guy, he has an incredibly hard time forming full-fledged sentences unless there is a teleprompter staring him dead in the face.

And after ignoring questions all week, one final question before the weekend set Joe off, and his angry side came out.

“Why has it been so challenging to unite the party?”, a reporter asked, referring to the disastrous failure of the Democrats $3.5 trillion spending bill this week.

Upon hearing the question, Biden stopped in his tracks and turned around, giving the reporter a death stare.

“Are you serious?!”, Biden shouted. He then mumbled a word salad before saying “50-50! Come on man. 50-50…unite the party!”, whatever that means.

Watch below:

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Joe is losing his patience more and more as the days go by. How much longer can he handle this?

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