Arizona Public School District Won’t Reopen but Will Charge Parents ‘Daycare Fee’ to Send Kids to the Same Classrooms

If this doesn’t convince you that some school districts’ refusal to reopen over ‘coronavirus concerns’ isn’t a political sham, nothing will.

A public school district in Arizona is attempting to charge parents a $160 ‘daycare fee’ for K-8 kids who aren’t allowed to attend in-person courses, with the catch being that the same classrooms kids can’t learn in are going to be used for the daycare.

Yes, you read that right, and the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) isn’t letting that one go; the organization has filed suit against the school on behalf of parents who are already paying taxes to support the district.

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“What we see happening in Arizona, offering those families childcare (or online education in the classroom) at an additional price, is unacceptable. Using the resources available to offer childcare during this tough time is one thing. But to take the people’s tax dollars, not provide the intended service, AND then demand more money to provide an alternative service is just plain wrong,” he added.

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“Multiple school districts in the state, including the Gilbert Public Schools (GPS) — made up of 39 individual schools from Kindergarten through High School — have notified parents that schools will not be opening as planned this fall, and their children must participate in virtual learning until on-campus learning is cleared to resume,” the director continued.

“Whatever you call this — and we think it sure sounds like ‘school’ or ‘education’ — the net result on parents is the same: they must pay for their child to have classroom access on school premises during school hours.”

This is an outrage of the highest order. Already, parents are worried enough about allowing their kids to return to schools this month amid the lingering pandemic, mostly because they’ve been conditioned for months to believe it COVID-19 is a planet killer (and, obviously, it isn’t).

The so-called ‘mainstream’ media’s coverage of how this particular coronavirus doesn’t really affect younger kids that much has been particularly dreadful. It’s not been based on anything but gaslighting fear porn, so most American parents don’t know that, for instance, schools reopened in Europe (with no problems) months ago. 

They don’t know that Sweden – which never shut down its economy – also never shut down in-person education.

And they don’t know that study after study has shown that kids are not super-spreaders of the disease.

“It seems consistently, children do have lower rates of infection than adults,” says Dr. Alison Tribble, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan, NPR reported.

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“Kids don’t seem to be super spreaders,” says Dr. Aaron Carroll, a pediatrician at Indiana University School of Medicine.

“Schools will now be the experiment,” Carroll added. “We’re going to see a bunch of schools open with varying levels of control, and then we will see what happens.”

Again, we’ve already got the data: Schools in Europe have been open for some time now and there are no spikes in the virus.

All of that said, it is ludicrous to charge parents a fee for ‘daycare’ using the same classrooms the kids would be in if the school reopened. Ludicrous and asinine.

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