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Military Mail-in Ballots Cast for Trump Found Discarded in Battleground Pennsylvania

REVEALED: John Durham Looking at FBI's Handling of Clinton Foundation Probe

Fox News Analyst Says Trump Went to Ginsburg Ceremony 'To Get The Boos'

MSNBC Guest Goes Full Racist Against Black Kentucky AG; 'He Is Skin Folk, Not Kinfolk'

Uh-Oh: This NYT Columnist Lays Out Five Reasons Why Dems, Biden Should Worry About Election

REVEALED: Election Watchdog Finds Whopping 350,000 Dead People on Voter Rolls in Dozens of States

Moderate Dems May Defy Pelosi, Join GOP Push to Give More Aid to Small Businesses

Project Finds Less than 1% of Students, Teachers Infected with COVID Since Schools Reopened

BREAKING: Louisville Cop Involved in Breonna Taylor Shooting Indicted

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Announces Major New Voter Registration Push

HERE WE GO: Public Schools Are Beginning To Integrate BLM Protests

Nevada GOP Candidate's Campaign Vid Parodies 'The Hangover' With Live Tiger

BREAKING: Woman Who Sent Ricin To White House In U.S. Illegally from Canada

Mark Levin Rips Democrats Over SCOTUS Fight: 'We Don't Take an Oath' to Their Party

Trump Previews First Biden Debate: 'I've Done More in 47 Months Than He Has in 47 Years'

Leftist Lionizing of Ginsburg Begins with Planned Statue in the Bronx

AOC Calls for Continued 'Mass Movements' Even if Biden Wins

Dem-Run 'Utopia' of California STILL Has Country's Highest Poverty Rate

Watch: Marshall University Prof Suspended After Wishing Death on All Trump Supporters

Dems Worry About Losing Minnesota After Trump Supporters Outnumber Biden Backers at Duluth Campaign Dud

BREAKING: Pelosi Doesn’t Rule Out Second Trump Impeachment if he Replaces Ginsburg

FLASHBACK: Biden Said Senate Had "Constitutional Responsibility" To Give Merrick Garland A Hearing Before 2016 Election

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Biden Doesn't Think Trump Should Be Able To Select A New SCOTUS Justice Before The Election

Portland Police Now 'On an Island' Thanks to Non-Stop Violence

Dozens of GOP Lawmakers Call on Barr to Prosecute Netflix For Child Obscenity in 'Cuties' Movie

Reward for Person Who Ambushed LASD Deputies Blows Past $600K as Citizens Chip In for Medical Care, Too

MAGA Black Men Speak Out Bigly Against BLM in Viral Video: 'They're Full of Hate!’

DoJ Explored Options of Charging Local Portland Officials With Crimes Over Riots

Increase in Murders Linked to 'Minneapolis Effect' as Cops Pull Back from Public

Treasury Dept. Monitored 'Suspicious' Foreign Payments to Hunter Biden-Linked Firm in 2016

FBI's Wray Says 'Antifa Is a Real Thing' As He Confirms Several Investigations

Analysis: Democrats Are Complicit in the Murder of Our Police Officers

By 2-1 Margin, Americans in 'Riot Zones' Back Trump and Most Say Unrest Changed Their Vote

Report: Billionaires Soros, Steyer, Others Funding 'Insurrection' Against Trump Victory

Leaked Email from DHS Intel Official Proves Antifa is 'Organized,' Not a Leaderless Group

BREAKING: CDC Planning to Violate Trump Order to End 'Critical Race Theory' at Federal Agencies

Oops! Biden Appears To Accidentally Reveal He's Using A TELEPROMPTER During TV Interview

Biden Cast a Vote In Person in Delaware Primary After Calling for Mass Mail-In Balloting

Trump Says He'd Take Joe Rogan Up on Offer to Host Hours-Long Debate with Biden

BREAKING: Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Governor's Shutdown Order Unconstitutional

Day After Biden Calls Trump 'Dangerous to Israel' He Announces Second Israel-Arab Peace Deal

Top Durham Aide Quits Over Alleged Pressure to Complete 'Russiagate' Probe Before Election

He Got (Ground) Game: Trump Campaign Reaches Milestone of 100 Million Voters

ENOUGH! Two-Thirds of Oregon Voters Want 'Riots' in Portland to End

Ben Sasse Blasts Senate Partisanship, Calls for Removing Cameras from Hearings

CHAOS: Left-Wing Dark Money Groups Preparing to 'Carpet Bomb' 2020 Election

Liberals Make "#AllBuildingsMatter" Trend On 9/11 To Mock The All Lives Matter Crowd

Sportswriter Jason Whitlock: ‘White liberals, they're the actual bigots’