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AOC Receives Shocking Polling Numbers From Her Own District

Tucker Carlson Reveals Scandal That Could Bring Down Barack Obama

Trump Drops Bomb, Says “It Will All Start Coming Out Soon”

Kamala Harris Caught LYING About Being 'Segregated' As A Young Girl

Ocasio-Cortez Just Got Hit With Bombshell Lawsuit

FBI Director Wray Not Cooperating With AG Barr’s Investigation

Former CNN Employees Speak Out: CNN "Openly Despises Conservatives"

Feinstein Had Private Dinner with Iranian Prime Minister, Then Lied About it

Major Leak: Report Exposes Hillary Clinton’s Dirty Trick To Defeat Trump In 2016 Election

Ilhan Omar Asked If She’s ‘Pro Al Qaeda’; Her Answer Is Stunning

Allen West Says Pelosi Committed Treason, Should Be REMOVED For What She Did

AG Barr Rejects Pressure From Dems, Will NOT Recuse Himself From Top Case

REPORT: Mueller and Weismann Caught Manipulating Flynn Transcript

Trey Gowdy Risks It All To Reveal The FBI’s Darkest Secret

Mitch McConnell Just Brilliantly Trapped Dems In A Lose-Lose Situation

Former AG Mukasey Exposes Major Lie In The Mueller Report

Barack Obama Hit With Nasty Surprise That Could Ruin His Entire Legacy

Scandals Grow in the FBI: 4 FBI Reports Were Never Written On Hillary Clinton

Chuck Schumer Just Got Hit With Devastating News About 2020

Pelosi Ends Presser, Rips Reporter For Asking About AOC; ‘You Didn’t Hear What I Said!’

Rush Makes Bold Prediction if Biden Is Nominated

Investigation Into Ilhan Omar Reveals Fraudulent Tax Returns Possibly Linked to Marriage to Her Brother

Hannity Drops BOMB, Says IG Report May Be Released This Week

Michael Moore Gives Dems Dire Warning For 2020 After Watching Trump Rally

After Calling For Trump’s Impeachment, RINO Justin Amash Just QUIT

Nunes Drops Bomb On Mueller Report

Don Jr Just Got Sweet Revenge Against Kaepernick, Nike For Anti-American Stunt

Flight Logs From Epstein Jet Logs That Under Age Girls Were On Same Flight As Bill Clinton

Approval Polls Released For Ocasio-Cortez/Omar And They Are Shocking

Trump Gets Great News From Three Different Election Predictors

President Trump Makes Another Shocking Economic Accomplishment

After Obama Judge Blocks Wall Funding, POTUS Uses His ‘Trump Card’

Trump Breaks Silence On Upcoming Mueller Testimony, Asks Major Question NO ONE Is Talking About

COWARDS: These 4 Republicans Betrayed Trump, Voted With Dems To Condemn POTUS

WATCH: Trump Humiliates CNN’s Acosta For Asking Ridiculous Question; Audience Erupts In Laughter

Mexico Takes Major Action After Trump Threatens With Tariffs

REPORT: Epstein's Friendship With Bill Clinton Had Devastating Consequences For This Italian Model

Jerry Nadler’s Plan To ‘Take Down’ Trump Backfires In Huge Way

Trump Goes Off On Press Pool After They Claim Russia Helped Him

White House Announces Replacement For Sarah Sanders As Press Secretary

Liberal Court Stuns, Gives Trump A Win That Had Him Smiling Ear To Ear

Rush Goes Public, Reveals How Kamala Harris’ ‘Viral Moment’ Was A Total Lie

RNC Brings In Record Number of Donations for the Month of April

Obama Judge Just Shut Down AG Barr; Trump Is Not Happy

Dershowitz Asks 'Why Did Mueller Team Distort Trump Attorney's Voicemail?'

Epstein's Indictment UNSEALED And It's Worse Than We Thought

Things Just Got Even Worse For Hoaxer Jussie Smollett

Trump Gets SHOCK Poll Numbers After "Controversial" Tweets

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