As Crime Becomes Major Political Problem For Dems, James Carville Says Blame It On Trump

james carville

The explosion of violent crime in cities controlled by Democrats is becoming increasingly worrisome for the party. Heading into the hot summer months it could have serious political consequences.

The critical midterm elections are coming next year and Democrat one-party rule is hanging in the balance. Democrats know something has to be done to stave off a voter revolt. and James Carville has come up with an innovative idea to just blame it all on former President Donald J. Trump.

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In a Wednesday op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, the longtime political operative urged Democrats to deflect from their culpability for the ongoing carnage by doing what they have done about everything for the last four years.

According to Carville in the piece laughably enitled “Democrats Are the Anticrime Party,” he advises; “So Democrats, listen up: When it comes to crime, don’t pivot, don’t take it off the table—hold Mr. Trump and the Republicans accountable. Make them own the crime wave they created.”

Carville gained fame for his role as Bill Clinton’s top strategist in the 1992 election and is credited with the bumper sticker slogan “It’s the economy stupid”. He really seems to believe that voters are stupid if they are going to ignore the fact that the worst crime is taking place in cities like Chicago, Portland, New York City, Baltimore, Seattle, Minneapolis and Atlanta. Funnily enough, not a single one of them isn’t under Democrat control.

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Compounding the Democrats’ crime problem is that those who are most affected are people who are trapped in urban black and brown communities. These areas are overrun by criminal gangs and the citizens are put in danger by politicians who have turned the police into the enemy.

He quickly gets to the real problem and it isn’t the skyrocketing crime rate; “Crime is going to be an issue up and down the ballot in 2022, and many local politicians are already feeling the heat. Now that violent crime is on the rise, we Democrats can no longer afford to sit by passively while Republicans trumpet bellicose law-and-order talking points.” He writes, “If we don’t aggressively begin to own the crime issue and make Republicans respond to their own failures, we risk losing our slim majorities in Congress.”

Carville continues, “The modern Democratic Party is flat-out better on crime than Republicans. Mr. Trump presided over the greatest crime rise in modern American history.” Which is a brazen and shameless lie wrapped in a half-truth. Trump may have been in the White House but it wasn’t conservative MAGA voters who were rioting, looting, and burning down cities.

He veers into territory that has nothing to do with the crime in Democrat cities, “From beginning to the end, Mr. Trump’s presidency was one long crime wave. He broke laws, obstructed justice and incited violence knowing he wouldn’t be held accountable while in office. Eight of his campaign associates were put in shackles. He pardoned five of them.” He writes; “Corruption became the administration’s oxygen, and Mr. Trump’s stunning display of lawlessness set an example for criminals to crawl out of the shadows and believe they would never be brought to justice. It was also no coincidence that Mr. Trump presided over an all-time low in white-collar crime enforcement.”

And because the entire piece is just an exercise on throwing enough stuff at a wall to see what sticks, Carville also wedges in the so-called “insurrection”. The Big Lie that has fueled Trump’s enemies for months: “All of this culminated with the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, in which Republicans are now on the record defending violent attacks on law enforcement and voting against funds for the Capitol Police. So who really voted to defund the police? And who did it to cover up the investigation of a host of crimes? Not the Democrats.”

That Carville even found it necessary to pen his demented and dishonest screed shows how much trouble that his party is in. They have yoked themselves to Black Lives Matter and Antifa and the bodies will continue to pile up right up until voters go to the ballot box next year.

Democrats and Joe Biden are currently working on a police “reform” bill that is named after career criminal and drug addict George Floyd. His unfortunate encounter with Minneapolis police last year set off the crime wave that to this day not one Democrat leader has denounced. The bill will further neutralize police who are already quitting in staggering numbers if passed.

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Polls have consistently shown that voters oppose such lunacy as defunding and dismantling the police. Carville knows that only a mass deception like blaming Trump can prevent the loss of control of Congress in 2022.