Australian Journalist Alleges Chinese Govt Docs Admit Concern over Viruses Escaping Lab

Australian journalist Sharri Markson appeared on Fox News to discuss reports that Covid-19 was developed as a bioweapon.

Markson claimed that Chinese military scientists discussed weaponizing Coronavirus five years before the pandemic occurred.

“Look, those documents you just referred to where Chinese military scientists warned about weaponizing Coronavirus five years ago were extraordinary enough, but these are even more alarming because these are official Chinese government documents,” Markson said.

“It was China’s official submission to the united nation’ biological weapons commission in 2011. Now, these conventions are only held every five years, and their 2016 document was scaled back. So this is their last detailed submission about biological research to the biological weapons convention. And, Maria, it is chilling and terrifying,” she added.

“It discusses in it research involving genetic, specific viruses, so targeting people based on their race. It discusses how laboratory leaks compose a latent threat to mankind. And it talks about manmade path generals and how this can also — pathogens and how this can also pose a risk to mankind. This is a truly shocking document, even more so because it’s an official Chinese government submission,” she continued.

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Host Maria Bartiromo then asked Markson if she can “connect the dots based on what you’re seeing from these Chinese documents to what was taking place in that Wuhan laboratory where it is likely that the Covid-19 escaped? Can you connect the dots on whether or not it was intentional?”

“I think the very first thing to know is the first quote you just read where official Chinese government submission to the United Nations’ biological weapons convention, they spoke about how accidents in laboratories can place mankind in great danger. And yet all we’ve heard from China and its caronnys like Peter Daszak — cronies since the start of last year is that it’s a conspiracy to suggest it could be a laboratory leak when, in fact, China admitted itself it was concerned about the laboratory leaks,” Markson said.


“Look, trail what was the first — Australia was the first in the world in April of last year to say there needs to be an investigation into how this virus got out, into the origins of Covid-19 to see if it has a natural origin or a laboratory leak, which is looking increasingly likely,” Markson said.

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“And for that, Australia has been hit with rolling trade tariffs, economic coercion, punishment by China, and where has the world been on this question? It’s not up to Australia to call for an investigation into the origins. Where is the U.S. Demanding answers from China? What about European leaders?” she asked.

Markson rounded out her comments by saying: “This virus has ravaged the world, and how is it the case that a year and a half later there’s been no investigation.”

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