BACKFIRE: WaPo Accidentally Admits Biden Killed 11,000 Jobs On His First Day In Office

The so-called “mainstream” media continues to beclown itself on a daily basis, despite the fact that they don’t have former President Donald Trump to kick around anymore.

Especially one of the main actors in the clown media landscape, the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post.

On Monday, we reported that the Post is ‘retiring’ it’s ‘fact check project’ launched during the Trump administration, ostensibly to ‘keep him honest’ and readers ‘informed.’ In yet another blatant act of deferential treatment to a Democrat president, a Post spokeswoman went on to claim that the paper has no intention of starting a fact-check operation for the Biden administration.

“The database of Trump claims was started a month after Trump became president as a way to not overwhelm our fact-checking enterprise, where the core mission is to explain complex policy issues,” Shani George told The Daily Caller.

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“While we do not have plans to launch a Biden database at this time, we will continue to dig into the accuracy of statements by political figures of all party affiliations.”

Got it.

Now, the paper does have time to continue ‘fact-checking’ Republicans in general, such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas — only, in doing so this week, the paper admitted that the crux of what he said was spot-on.

The Daily Wire reports:

In a “fact-check” hitting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the left-leaning Washington Post admitted that President Joe Biden killed about 11,000 construction jobs on his first day in office by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline contract.

The Post gave Cruz “two Pinocchios” for his statement asserting as much, noting that the jobs killed are construction jobs, and therefore “temporary.” Because Cruz didn’t include that the jobs were “temporary” and not permanent, he was supposedly misleading the public, the Post rationalized.

In response, Cruz highlighted Tuesday that all construction jobs are in effect “temporary,” criticizing the Post for belittling the loss of construction jobs.

“Cruz cited a real estimate of approximately 11,000 jobs, but he left out that they were all temporary,” the Post wrote. “In the same report, the State Department said the Keystone XL pipeline, if built, would require only 35 to 50 permanent positions.

“The missing context is key here, obscuring half the story. Cruz earns Two Pinocchios.”

Cruz, as he so aptly does, went on to fact-check the ‘fact-check.’

“WaPo (Washington Post) confirms that YES, on his 1st day in office, Joe Biden destroyed 11,000 jobs (including 8,000 union jobs). But, it says, they’re construction jobs so are only temporary.

“ALL construction jobs are temporary,” the Republican emphasized. “Presidents still shouldn’t destroy them.”

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While were on the subject, something that is not going to be temporary under Biden, who has taken aim at the oil and gas industry as a sop to his left-wing base: Higher energy prices.

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