BACKFIRE: White House Denies That Biden Wanted MLB All-Star Game To Be Moved

Democrats and their “woke” corporate allies are experiencing serious blowback after bullying Major League Baseball into moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, and damage control efforts are underway.

There was much cheering from the political left after MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred caved to pressure and announced the move on Friday. This resulted in a major backlash from Republicans and a call by former President Donald J. Trump to boycott baseball.

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Now the White House is moving to protect Joe Biden, whose call to move the game was likely the deciding factor when he went on ESPN. He said that Georgia’s new election integrity law is, “Jim Crow on steroids“, another one of his frequent falsehoods.

On Monday, a flustered Jen Psaki was put on the spot over Biden’s role in the game’s relocation. Especially when it was brought up that the move will cost the area dearly in terms of hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that would have benefited from the midsummer classic being played at Truist Park.

According to Cobb County, the relocation of the game will cost local businesses at least $100 million in lost revenue, a severe economic blow to an area that has a heavy black population.

Responding to a question on Biden’s approval to move the game Psaki replied, “He was not dictating for what Major League Baseball should do, dictating they should move the All-Star game. That was their decision, they made that decision, and as he stated earlier he certainly supports that.”

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy pressed Psaki on whether Biden would also call for the relocation of The Master’s golf tournament which is set to be held at Augusta National Golf Club this weekend:

“Just to follow up on the baseball All-Star Game, I know that you made a point that he did not dictate the league to move the All-Star Game out of Georgia”, said Doocy, “but, he likes to say the words of a president matter and he said he would strongly support if players and the league wanted to do that, and they did it, so does he think that the PGA should move The Master’s tournament that begins this week out of Georgia”, he asked.

Psaki replied, “I’m not here to call for anyone on behalf of the president or the vice president to take steps in reaction to the law in Georgia. The president was asked a direct question and the context of the question was also around the league meeting to discuss this exact issue, and he answered the question”.

Doocy pressed, “So then, should we believe that if PGA tour players who are arriving in Augusta this week or today to register for the tournament if they got together and decided or talked about not participating, that is something he would strongly support?”

A defensive Psaki dodged the question; “I’m, I’m sure you will ask me that question or him this question but our focus is in doing what we can to advocate for making voting easier and more accessible around the country and that’s were our efforts are going to be from the White House.”

Doocy conculded, “Before the president said that he would strongly support moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia, he continued, “did he consider the economic impact because the Cobb County tourism CEO is saying they’re going to lose $100 million in lost business activity, 8,000 hotel rooms, did he think about that before he said he would strongly support the move?”

Psaki replied, “Again, he was doing an interview, he was given the context as I just read out to you in full detail on how that question was asked, he answered the question”.

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If Biden’s nod to moving the All-Star Game blowing up in his face is any indication, it’s unlikely that he will add to the controversy by similarly intervening with The Masters.

What had initially appeared to be a major victory for the cancel-culture mob isn’t looking so good for them now. The economic damage is being assessed and it could come back to haunt Democrats in next year’s mid-term elections and beyond.