Barack Obama Cheers Move Of MLB All-Star Game Out Of Atlanta

Barack Obama has chimed in on Major League Baseball’s decision to move this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta, which he hailed as a triumph for voter rights.

The former president’s approval of the decision shows that he is a man devoid of empathy for those who are made to suffer by the Democrats’ relentless pursuit power. The arrangement by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is sure to cause economic harm that to a city that is heavily black.

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The nation’s 44th president gave the move a resounding thumbs up in a Saturday tweet:

“Congratulations to the MLB for taking a stand on behalf of voting rights for all citizens. There’s no better way for American’s pastime to honor the great Hank Aaron, who always led by example.”

Obama was referring to the legendary Atlanta Braves superstar nicknamed “Hammerin’ Hank” who shattered Babe Ruth’s home run record of 714 dingers and finished his career with 755. It was a record that stood for over three decades until it was broken by Barry Bonds in 2007. Arguably, were it not for steroids it could still be standing today.

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Hank Aaron passed away in January at the age of 86.

Intense pressure from Democrats, activist groups, and celebrities scored a major win when on Friday, MLB buckled and announced that the midsummer classic would be moved out of state. The decision came after the tantrum thrown over the election integrity bill signed into law by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

The commissioner delivered the news in a statement released on Friday: “Over the last week, we have engaged in thoughtful conversations with Clubs, former and current players, the Players Association, and The Players Alliance, among others, to listen to their views”, said Manfred. “I have decided that the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year’s All-Star Game and MLB Draft“.

MLB’s surrender to the mob was inevitable after Joe Biden went on ESPN and announced his support to relocate the game. It comes as obvious retaliation for the law that will make it much more difficult for Democrats to cheat in future elections.

It is hard to imagine Biden having made his remarks without input from Obama, who is in regular contact with his former veep, and possibly even running the White House from the shadows.

Obama’s influence on Biden was always evident with the weaponization of racial resentment that would appeal to black victimhood. This tactic was employed in order to maximize turnout and falsely portray former President Donald J. Trump as a racist, as well as all of his supporters as white supremacists.

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No U.S. politician has been more skilled at weaponizing race than Obama. His true legacy has been the reversal of the decades of positive progress in race relations. That backtrack happened largely because of the fires that the “racial arsonist” lit during his second term. America is more intolerant and segregated than it has been since before the civil rights era.

Neither Obama nor the other cheerleaders of moving the All-Star Game bothered mentioning the economic impact to the area that their political bullying has caused.

Cobb County has put the cost at $100 million but it may be as high as $190 million, not that it matters to Obama. After all, he has become filthy rich since he left the White House.