“BE QUIET”; Biden Scolds Reporters For Asking Questions About Cuomo [WATCH]

Joe Biden *REALLY* doesn’t want you to ask about the damning sexual assault revelations about his good friend Andrew Cuomo of New York. The White House is already doing damage control since they practically worshiped Cuomo’s leadership no matter how ugly things got in the Empire state.

As Biden was wrapping up an event moments ago, a reporter simply asked his opinion on the shocking Attorney General report, and Biden told the room to “BE QUIET”. He then claimed he’d address “covid” questions later this afternoon.

“Whoa whoa whoa, be quiet. I will be speaking about covid this afternoon,” Biden snapped.

Watch below:

According to reports, Biden’s presser will begin at 4pm EST. Will he address Cuomo? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more…