Beaten Romney Now Admits That Trump Will Be Reelected

Resistance hero Mitt Romney is finally being forced to accept reality and admitted that despite his efforts, President Trump is cruising toward reelection. 

The failed Republican presidential candidate who choked away a winnable election to Barack Obama was the only GOP senator to join with Democrats by voting to convict Trump on bogus impeachment charges. 

With Mitt forever branded as a traitor in the eyes of millions of conservatives, he failed to recruit squishy RINO’s like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to his cause as Trump was acquitted and has been on a roll ever since. 

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It was once again time for the embittered sore loser and former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts to admit defeat he did during a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference. 

Via Utah-based Deseret News, “Mitt Romney says Trump will be reelected, but not because he’s popular”:

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President Donald Trump will be reelected not because he’s well liked but because the Democrats will put up a weak candidate, Sen. Mitt Romney said at a recent international conference.

Speaking in a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference, the Utah Republican was asked whether the Republican Party would take his line on trade policy, particularly insisting on fair trade with China and solving inequities in some sectors of the economy.

“I can’t possibly predict what the future is in my party. I did not predict that President Trump would become President Trump,” Romney said.

“I can tell you I think it’s likely he will get reelected, not because he’s highly popular, but because I think the Democrats are not going to nominate someone who’ll be a very effective competitor.”

Romney basked in the adoration of his fellow Trump-hating globalists and received a raucous welcome when he was introduced as  “probably the most courageous lawmaker we have in the United States,”

Mitt may wish that he had stayed in Munich because the political climate back home in Utah has become very uncomfortable for the carpetbagger who swooped in to replace retired Orrin Hatch and then went to Washington to wage war on Trump. 

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The Utah Republican party has a pending resolution for the treacherous Romney to immediately resign over misrepresentation of his support for President Trump. 

According to Salt Lake City CBS affiliate KUTV-2:

Sen. Mitt Romney may be clear of blowback at the state Legislature over his vote to convict President Donald Trump, but the Utah Republican Party has pending resolutions on Romney: one that expresses support for Trump’s acquittal, another that supports legislation to recall a U.S Senator and a third that calls for Romney to “immediately resign” from office.

“We want to express our disapproval of that vote,” said Brandon Beckham, GOP activist, business owner and author of the pro-acquittal resolution.

A lot of the people in the party, the Republican Party, as well as people across the state, felt like Sen. Romney misrepresented our support for the president.

Beckham earlier proposed the party censure Romney, and said he received “vile” online attacks for it, sharing a mashup of social media posts in which he was told to “f—off,” and go “f—yourself.” He said people threatened to boycott his business.

“I went through 48 hours of hell,” Beckham said. “I’ll just put it that way.”

The resolution comes after Romney’s support in the legislature defeated an effort by Trump supports to establish a mechanism to recall senators. 

Just as in 2016 when he actively worked to sabotage Trump’s nomination, Romney is going down to defeat and will only have a legacy of losing when he finally departs from the political arena. 


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