Ben Carson Rips Critical Race Theory As Robbing Kids of ‘Same Hope Instilled in Me’

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson blasted critical race theory in an op-ed at Fox News on Monday, saying that the controversial curriculum cannot be allowed “to rob American children of that same hope that was instilled in me” as he grew up poor and black in Detroit.

Carlson, who served all four years of former President Donald Trump’s term as HUD chief, wrote that CRT is “the vanguard of a radical, revolutionary movement that seeks to overthrow the established order in every area of society, including capitalism itself.”

In addition, the famed neurosurgeon warned that “this divisive ideology seeks to replace the traditional American value of equality of opportunity with a regime that assumes all White people are racist oppressors and labels all racial minorities as victims.”

He went on to note that “while the classical Marxism from which CRT was born focuses on class conflict, CRT substitutes class for race, wholly ignoring the demonstrated failure of Marxist ideologies  –  unlike the people of Cuba who are protesting against Marxist failures at this very moment.”

Carson also accused proponents of CRT of engaging in brazen racism by blaming any and all racial disparities on ‘systemic’ racism, which he said is a claim that is not backed up by available evidence and data.

“Research has shown that factors such as the presence of a stable two-parent family, educational choices and economic prosperity, among others, account for the large bulk of observed racial differences, rather than the boogeyman of racism,” he wrote.

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The former Trump official said that “CRT and antiracism are founded on racist, conspiratorial drivel.”

He went on to write that “the results of this extremist ideology have been devastating,” and he claimed that  “the massive rioting in Portland and other parts of the country, whose damage has made them the most costly riots in U.S. history, are the fruits of a generation raised on racial grievance indoctrination.”

To make the situation worse, Carson added that “big city prosecutors, also steeped in CRT ideology, are often letting violent rioters go free.”

“This does nothing more than free criminals to continue menacing their communities and victimize the very disadvantaged populations the radicals claim to be protecting,” Carson continued.

The neurosurgeon did say that “if there’s any silver lining in the Marxist’s aggressive zeal to force CRT on our communities, it’s that their efforts are waking up the nation like few issues in recent memory, mobilizing citizens around the country to engage school boards and local governments to remove racist conspiracy theories like CRT from schools, businesses and government.”

Carson wrote that “this renewed engagement could be a promising first step in eroding the decades-long dominance of Marxism in American education.”

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