Bernie Considering Warren For 2 Top Cabinet Positions If He Becomes President

A Bernie Sanders presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for America if the braying old socialist manages to defy the odds to win the election and occupy the White House next January. 

There would be the radical imposition of socialism and the Green New Deal, the severe punishment of the wealthy and stealing from productive Americans to give money to those who are unwilling to work for a living. 


Also, the gutting of the Second Amendment, free health care for illegal immigrants, guaranteed government jobs for the dregs of society, the dismantling of the military and the criminalizing of speech that the far-left does not approve of. 

And Elizabeth Warren is just the person to help him do it. 

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In a nightmarish scenario that should have rational voters trembling in fear, it has been reported that Team Bernie is seriously considering Warren as both vice president as well as treasury secretary. 

According to The Intercept, "The Sanders campaign researched whether Warren could be both vice president and treasury secretary at once":

The Presidential of Sen. Bernie Sanders has researched the question of whether the same person can serve as both vice president and treasury secretary, according to three sources on the campaign. The person the Sanders campaign had in mind with the inquiry was Sen. Elizabeth Warren, his rival for the nomination and the bane of Wall Street over the last decade. The inquiry did not rise to the level of an official legal analysis undertaken by the campaign attorney.

The answer is yes: There is nothing in the Constitution that bars the vice president from also serving as treasury secretary. Sanders has made no final decisions on a potential running mate or cabinet officers, and did not direct the inquiry, nor was he involved in it, as he considers such questions premature and presumptuous. “No conversations are happening about any positions in a potential Sanders administration. Our campaign is focused on winning the nomination,” said campaign manager Faiz Shakir. The research into the question of Warren’s dual eligibility reflects the political affinity that has long existed between the two — an affinity that was dealt a setback over the past week, as the pair clashed over the contents of a year-old private conversation. The sources were not authorized to speak publicly about internal deliberations.

Sanders has also promised that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will have a 'very important role' in his administration if he's elected. 

Could Secretary Of State Ilhan Omar be far behind? 

Fortunately for America, Bernie has little chance of being elected president with his watered-down communism only selling in coastal bastions of the cultural elite and the greater Chicago area. 


There is also the matter of open political warfare between him and Warren which broke into the open when he was ambushed by CNN at the most recent Democrat debate. 

The now chilly relationship between the two was evident when the truth-challenged senator from Massachusetts refused to shake his hand after the debate. 

It's apparent that Warren is greedy and wants it all, she is not going to be satisfied with the vice presidency although she may have a change of heart depending on how she does when the results start coming in from the early primary and caucus states. 

Sanders wants to construct a Politburo on the Potomac and Warren or not, there will be no shortage of extremists and socialists to stock it with.