Bernie's Last Stand: Supporters Could Stage Convention Revolt

The coronation of former Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic party's official nominee next month may practically be a done deal but there could be a nasty surprise at the DNC Convention. 

According to a Politico report, hundreds of delegates could stage a rebellion against the party's official platform if it does not include Medicare for all, a politically-charged idea that has been championed by socialist Bernie Sanders. 


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The report states that over 360 delegates loyal to Sanders could mount a revolt at the scaled-down convention in Milwaukee if they do not get their way, possibly setting the stage for an ugly split with the mentally-challenged Biden who is being pushed over the finish line.

Politico cites a petition circulated that demands that the party platform include a "progressive platform plank for Medicare-For-All " and that "undersigned delegates to the Democratic National Convention, pledge to vote against any 2020 Platform that does not include a universal, single-payer, Medicare-For-All, platform plank."

Via Politico, "Bernie Sanders delegates mount convention rebellion over 'Medicare for All'":

A revolt is brewing among Bernie Sanders delegates three weeks from the Democratic National Convention.

More than 360 delegates, most of whom back Sanders, have signed on to a pledge to vote against the Democratic Party’s platform if it does not include support for "Medicare for All," the petition’s organizers told POLITICO. They argue that single-payer health care is an urgent priority amid a worldwide pandemic and the biggest unemployment crisis since the Great Depression.

“This pandemic has shown us that our private health insurance system does not work for the American people. Millions of people have lost their jobs and their health care at the same time,” said Judith Whitmer, a Sanders delegate and chair of the convention’s Nevada delegation who helped spearhead the pledge. “There’s people leaving the hospital now with millions of dollars in medical bills. What are we going to do about that?”

The warning is all but certain to set up a clash between Sanders’ most dedicated supporters and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who opposes Medicare for All, at a time when the party is seeking to demonstrate unity ahead of its August convention. Though the petition signers have little chance of revising the platform to include Medicare for All support, they do have the numbers to draw attention to their protest and cause.

It is also likely to trigger fears among Democratic leaders about a repeat of the 2016 convention, when the party’s divides were on public display as Sanders supporters booed the mention of Hillary Clinton.

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The brewing revolt could seriously damage establishment efforts to unify the party behind Biden and may lead to a repeat of the nightmare scenario from 2016 when the DNC's collection of Hillary Clinton operatives cheated Comrade Bernie out of the nomination and possibly the presidency. 

Prior to the kneecapping of Bernie's 2020 campaign with a clearly coordinated Super Tuesday ambush and the subsequent coronavirus pandemic, his radical loyalists were threatening to attack police and burn Milwaukee down if their revolutionary leader was screwed again. 

Bernie may have rolled over and played dead after being clobbered in the primaries but the cagey old commie and his army of ideologues haven't given up the ghost yet.