Bernie Sanders Gives Update on the Future of His Presidential Campaign

Despite being way behind former Vice President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary race, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders says that he plans on staying in the race and will debate Biden in the next debate if it takes place.

Sanders is banking on winning the state of New York on April 28th and his campaign is taking action in the state by organizing online meet-ups.


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“The Sanders campaign says they hosted a volunteer call with thousands of New York supporters this week,” said NBC News, “signing up more than 1,300 call and text shifts. The campaign is using their proprietary ‘BERN’ app and old-fashioned phone banking, as well as organizing ‘Digital house parties,’ while New Yorkers are holed up at home.”

After losing big to Biden in the most recent round of primaries just a couple weeks ago, Sanders announced that he was "reassessing" his presidential campaign and that he along with his staffers would be making a decision on whether or not he should go forward with the campaign. 

On Monday evening, Sanders said during an interview that he was taking things "day by day."

“We are in a bizarre moment,” Sanders said to MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Monday night, “so what we are doing is transitioning our campaign to a virtual campaign…We’re kind of moving day by day,”

On Tuesday however, the mood seemed to change.

“Bernie Sanders is still a candidate for the Democratic nomination,” said an advisor of Sanders according to NBC News. “One of the things that means is working to secure votes in future contests.”

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“If there is a debate in April, he plans to be there,” said a separate aid to Fox News.

Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

Sanders may be trying to capitalize off weaknesses in former Vice President Joe Biden’s efforts. On Monday, Biden launched a series of “shadow briefings” on the coronavirus pandemic, meant to outshine President Donald Trump’s daily addresses on the subject and draw attention to the Trump administration’s shortcomings on virus response.

The first “shadow briefing,” though, fell flat, and Biden flubbed a media blitz meant to promote his presidential campaign, appearing on several networks, but giving almost inscrutable “updates” on his team’s efforts to combat the deadly disease.

Sanders might see an opening among Democrats who are increasingly worried that Biden appears “weak” alongside Trump, and is likely hopeful that canceled early April primaries, in places like Wisconsin, mean Biden won’t be able to secure enough delegates to meet the Democratic National Committee’s 1,991-delegate threshold, leaving the nomination up for grabs.

Unfortunately for Sanders, Democrats may not necessarily be impressed with his efforts, either. Sanders says he has been busy in session, hammering out a bipartisan coronavirus relief deal in the Senate. Last week, though, as the Senate voted on the initial legislative relief package, Sanders was busy hosting an online townhall with members of the “squad,” including Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), not voting on the bill.

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