Bernie Sanders: It Is Time To "Abolish the Electoral College"

2020 Presidential candidate and socialist senator Bernie Sanders took to Twitter on Friday to announce that we must "Abolish the Electoral college."

The far-left Senator was responding to a tweet from MSNBC which read, "Hillary Clinton got 2.9M more votes than Donald Trump in the 2016 election, but Trump comfortably prevailed in the Electoral College. It's possible in 2020 that he could win 5M fewer votes than his opponent — and still win a second term."


Check out what NBC News reported:

The nation's two most populous states, California and Texas, are at the heart of Democrats' geography problem.
Both behemoths are growing more diverse at a much faster rate than the nation — owing to booming Asian and Latino populations — and are trending toward Democrats. Yet neither blue California nor red Texas would play a pivotal role in a close 2020 election, potentially rendering millions of additional Democratic votes useless.
Over the past four years for which census estimates are available, California's population of nonwhite voting-age citizens has exploded by 1,585,499, while its number of white voting-age citizens has declined by a net 162,715. The Golden State's GOP is in free fall: In May 2018, the state's Republican registrants fell to third place behind "no party preference" voters for the first time. In 2016, Clinton stretched Barack Obama's 2012 margin from 3 million to 4.2 million votes. But padding that margin by another 1.2 million votes wouldn't yield the 2020 Democratic nominee a single additional Electoral vote.
Over the same time period, Texas has added a net 1,188,514 nonwhite voting-age citizens and just 200,002 white voting-age citizens. Texas' economic boom has attracted a diverse, highly professional workforce to burgeoning urban centers of Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio and shifted the state's politics leftward — especially as GOP votes have begun to "max out" in stagnant rural areas. In 2016, Clinton cut Obama's 2012 deficit from 1.2 million to just over 800,000. But again, even cutting Trump's margin by 800,000 wouldn't yield the 2020 Democratic nominee a single additional Electoral vote.
Democrats' potential inefficiencies aren't limited to California and Texas: The list of the nation's top 15 fastest-diversifying states also includes the sizable yet safely blue states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington and Oregon.

Democrats know that they will have a hard time beating President Trump in 2020 which is why people like senator Sanders want to change our election rules so they have a better chance of winning.

After Hillary Clinton's defeat in 2020, Democrats all across America complained about the fact that Clinton received more votes than President Trump but still lost. 

Check out what Breitbart reported:

A presidential candidate must reach 270 Electoral College votes to win. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 with 306 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232. Following the election results, Clinton’s supporters argued for the abolishment of the Electoral College and pointed to the popular vote, which Clinton “won” by nearly 2.9 million voters. Proponents of the Electoral College system, however, note that the Founding Fathers set up the Electoral College system as a safeguard against mob rule, preventing densely populated areas – particularly on the coasts – from determining the results of presidential elections. The Electoral College essentially gives communities in less populous states a fair, proportional voice in determining the direction of the country. Trump won in 2016, in part, for winning over voters in Rust Belt states, including Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

By abolishing the electoral college, presidential candidates would be forced to only campaign in highly populated areas which would basically leave middle America forgotten. The electoral college exists to give everyone in America, no matter what their geographical location is, a voice in their democracy.

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