Bernie Sanders’ Website Says ‘American Dream More Apt To Be Realized’ In VENEZUELA

Upon examining Senator Bernie Sanders’ website, an alarming piece from the Valley News editorial board was found under the “must read” section of the socialists website. The editorial endorsed by Sanders, praises Venezuela saying that the socialist country is where the “American dream is more apt to be realized.”

“Less remarked, however, is the fact that America’s wealth gap is also a race gap,” it read. “As the Pew Research Center reported last week, the median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households and 18 times that of Hispanic households. Think about that. In 2009, the typical black household had $5,677 in wealth — defined as assets minus debts; the typical Hispanic household had $6,325; the typical white household, by contrast, had $113,149.”

“These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now?” the article says.

According to the Washington Examiner, “When asked if Sanders still endorses the article, Sarah Ford, the deputy communications director for Sanders’ 2020 campaign, told the Washington Examiner he agrees with overall premise of the article, but specifically disavows the reference to Venezuela.”

The statement reads: “Sen. Sanders agrees with many of the important points raised in that article with regard to wealth and income inequality,” she said. “With regard to the article’s reference to Venezuela, Sen. Sanders has been critical of the Maduro government’s repression of dissent and called for international aid to end the ongoing humanitarian crisis, so would not endorse that specific claim.”

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Check out what the Washington Examiner reported:

Violence has escalated in Venezuela as Juan Guaidó, whom the United States recognizes as the legitimate president of the country, called for his supporters to take the country back from strongman Nicolás Maduro’s regime. Shocking videos have emerged from Venezuela, with one showing a military vehicle running over pro-Guaidó supporters.

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted his support for Guaidó, saying the United States “will stand with you until freedom & democracy are restored.”

Sanders is one of the farthest left candidates who is running for President in 2020 and he still endorses similar policies that sent countries like Venezuela into total chaos.

One of these policies is medicare for all which has been strongly scrutinized by Republicans and Democrats.

Democratic Presidential candidate John Delaney hammered Sanders for his “Medicare for All” plan during the Democratic primary debates calling it “extreme” as well as a “bad policy” which not only would eliminate hospitals but would get President Trump reelected.

“You’re wrong,” Sanders fired back. “30,000 people dying while the healthcare industry makes tens of billions of dollars.”

“Listen, his math is wrong,” Delaney responded. “It’s been well-documented that if all the bills were paid at a Medicare rate, which is specifically — I think it’s in section 1,200 of their bill — many hospitals in this country would close.”

Instead of arguing, Sanders simply laughed.

“But the question is, why do we have to be extreme?” Delaney said. “I’m starting to think this isn’t about heath care, this is about an anti-private sector strategy.”

“We don’t have to go around and be the party of subtraction,” Delaney continued, “telling half the country who have private health insurance that their insurance is illegal.”

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