BETRAYAL: Meghan McCain Wants To Send Capitol Protesters To Guantanamo Bay

Earlier this week on ‘The View’, Meghan McCain said she wants to send Trump supporters to Guantanamo Bay after the mostly peaceful protest in DC on January 6th.

Keep in mind, McCain never said anything this extreme after BLM and ANTIFA torched the entire city of DC. However, she goes as far as to say Trump supporters should be treated like actual terrorists. She even compared them to the actual terror group Al-Qaeda, who slaughters innocent people for sport.

I’m not against sending these people to Gitmo. That may sound extreme. These are domestic terrorists who attacked our own republic. They should be treated the same way we treat Al-Qaeda,” McCain said.

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“I just think we need to treat the domestic terrorists the way we do actual terrorists. I think we need to consider all the possibilities,” she added.

Watch below:

She has shown her true colors once again.

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