“Betrayal”: Rubio Blasts Biden’s Oil Negotiations with this Socialist Country

Jen Psaki, during her March 7th press briefing, was asked about the Biden Administration’s negotiations with Venezuela, with a reporter asking:

There was a U.S. team there this weekend talking to the Maduro regime. Sanctions have been in place since 2019, a lack of diplomatic engagement since then because of electoral fraud, because of all the things that that regime has done to the Venezuelan people.

And I hear you say we’re doing everything we can to bring down the cost of gas, but is it really worth doing business with a despot like Nicolás Maduro to drive down gas prices?

Psaki confirmed that report in her reply, saying that negotiations are ongoing between the two regimes:

Well, first, I think that’s leaping several stages ahead in any process. There was a discussion that was had by members of the administration over the course of the last several days. Those discussions are also ongoing. And part of our focus is also on the health and welfare of detained U.S. citizens — while a separate process, still that is part of our engagement with them.

So, at this point in time, I don’t have anything to predict. It’s ongoing. I just don’t have anything to convey at this point.

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Well, Senator Marco went on a Twitter spree, slamming Team Biden’s supposed plan to buy oil from the tyrannical socialists in Venezuela by saying:

#Venezuela’s oil industry is in shambles

Because of marxist incompetence & corruption it will takes years before they can produce enough to even come close to replacing #PutinOil

Biden is just using this as an excuse to cut the deal with the #Maduro he has wanted all along

Further, attacking the negotiations as a boost for the Maduro regime and describing them as a betrayal of liberty-lovers in Venezuela, Rubio said:

Biden Admin secret meeting with #Maduro was a huge PR boost for #MaduroRegime

And a demoralizing betrayal of those who have risked everything to oppose Maduro & weren’t even told this was happening

And for what?The amount of oil #Venezuela can produce right now is insignificant

He then said:

Biden’s people told #Maduro they would lift sanctions if he sells us some oil & announces a future date for negotiations with opposition

#Venezuela doesn’t produce enough oil to make a difference

And Maduro has repeatedly used negotiations to buy time & divide the opposition

He added to that later in the day, saying:

Here it is, as I told you earlier the White House offered to abandon those seeking freedom from #Venezuela in exchange for an insignificant amount of oil & this announcement below from the narco-dictator #Maduro

He later took the administration to task for the idea of importing oil from the Maduro regime yet again, saying:

#Venezuela produces less than 1% of the worlds oil because it is mismanaged by corrupt & incompetent criminals

An oil deal with the #Maduro to will have an insignificant impact on our gas prices

But it will provide #MaduroRegime with millions of dollars for them to steal

Rubio is right; the Biden plan is absurd, and if it buys oil from Venezuela and funds the tyrannical Maduro regime, that will be a betrayal of all those who have stood against the socialist dictator. America should produce its own oil, not fund an enemy regime with oil purchases.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr

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